Costco Popcornopolis Holiday Cheer Santa Bag, 63.5 oz.

Costco sells this Popcornopolis Holiday Cheer Santa Bag for $19.99. Scroll down for photos. Costco has been putting out Popcornopolis holiday items for several years now. They are always popular & I see them everywhere during the holidays. This year it’s a Santa Bag with 63.5 ounces of popcorn. I’ll do the math for you =). That’s 0.5 ounce shy of 4 pounds of popcorn! The best part is that it comes in 7 different flavors. This would be great to bring to any holiday party, work gathering or family dinner. It comes in a great looking holiday sack & it’s got a flavor for everyone! We buy the Popcornopolis Organic Nearly Naked Popcorn & love it. I’m sure this is the same high quality popcorn. Here are a few more details about this Costco Popcornopolis Holiday Cheer Santa Bag…..

  • Brand: Popcornopolis
  • Holiday Cheer Reusable Bag
  • 7 Flavors: Hot Cocoa, Caramel Corn, Cinnamon Toast, Kettle Corn, Snicker Doodle, Vanilla Bean, Zebra Popcorn
  • Ingredients: See photos
  • Best Buy Date on Bag

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Costco Popcornopolis Holiday Cheer Santa Bag 63.5 Ounce

Costco always has a great selection of gift items for holiday gatherings. Like I said above, this would be great to bring to almost any party or simply bring it into work for your fellow co-workers. Don’t be surprised when 4 pounds of popcorn is gone in a day =). I found this next to all the holiday candy items in Costco & I’ve seen it in several Costcos too. does not currently carry this exact product, but they do carry several popcornopolis items. The Gourmet Popcorn Party Tin is probably one of their most popular & it’s currently $29.99. If you can’t find what your looking for at Costco or, make sure to check out these HIGHLY RATED Popcornopolis items……

Price: $19.99, Item Number: 1387879

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    1. You would need to find this in store or on At any given time Costco has a handful of Popcornopolis items for sale so be sure to check there

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