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It looks like Costco is getting into the home fitness market. I don’t think I’ve seen a spin bike at Costco, so this is a first for me. Scroll for photos. This is the Proform Tour De France CBC Studio Cycle Spin Bike. For those of you who don’t have spin bike, I can’t recommend them enough! We are Peloton owners, so we love our spin bike. This is a much more affordable option, because the Peloton is currently $1,895, while this is only $384.99. This also comes with a 1 year iFit membership. Considering the Peloton membership is $40 a month, you will pay $2,375+ for the first year of Peloton, while only paying $384.99 for this. If you’re new to riding a spin bike or you want to give the home-based classes a try, this may be the best bet for getting started. Here are a few more details about this Costco Proform Bike……

  • 1-Year iFit® Coach Membership Included with Large Window LCD Display
  • Commercial Grade Welded Steel Frame with Corrosion Resistance
  • Digital Smart Resistance 1-16
  • Front Mounted Wheels
  • Full Seat and Handle Adjustability
  • Includes Two 3 Lb. Dumbbells
  • Model Number: PFEX39420 or PFEX39420.0
  • Download Manual: ProForm Tour De France CBC Studio Cycle

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Costco Proform Bike, Spin Bike, Exercise Bike

This is a tough one for me because I love the Peloton. But this product costs around 80% less than the Peloton. Some people say, you get what you pay for, but if you’re not looking for the absolute gold standard, this may work perfect for you. I read through some of the reviews on Costco. Many complained about the software & linking to an iPad. The quality of the bike itself seemed to be good, so know that you can still get a great workout. I will always recommend the Peloton, but I can see this product being a perfect fit for those who don’t need all the bells & whistles. Again, you can always rely on Costco’s return policy if you are not happy with this product. If you want to check out some great spin bikes on Amazon, make sure to check these out……

Price: $384.99, Item Number: 2621050

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43 thoughts on “Costco Proform Bike, CBC Studio Cycle Exercise Spin

    1. I think I saw this same bike on discount at my local Costco too. Yes. It is the same exact product. Costco usually gets a specific model made for them on a lot of products.

  1. After several months of use one of the crank retainer pins broke. I removed the belt in the repair process only to discover that due to what looks like a design error it is virtually impossible to reseat the belt on the bike. I still have not encountered a solution and support only provides a help video for a different model entirely. No wonder they are desperately trying to sell this model off ASAP. The belt tensioner is not the issue.

    1. Well that’s unfortunate Alden. Sorry to hear about that. You would think that ProForm would try to help you through the repair process, especially if you’re willing to do it yourself. I wonder if this is where they cut costs to make this specific model for Costco (like they do with a lot of other products). Are you going to end up returning it? Seems like that may be the only option

  2. I didn’t take it apart. The magnet is completely visible. After after a little over 3 months, I finally received a replacement magnet assembly, but it is also missing 1 magnet. I’m hoping I can return unit to Costco and be done. This is terrible.

    1. Sorry to hear for the bad experience Mike. It seems like there are a few people who didn’t like the product & some who did. It’s unfortunate because this is a GREAT price for a rowing machine. I’m sure you can return it without issue. Sorry to hear about this hassle. Are you going to go with a different machine?

  3. Do not purchase the Proform Tour de France CBC, or any other Proform. About a month after I purchased it, I discovered the resistance magnet assembly was missing one of the magnets (it had 3 instead of 4). I contacted Proform support and they ordered the part. Over 2 months later, still no part, I contacted them about ever 2 weeks and they keep saying it is on back order. All the while, they keep shipping new bikes to the store.

    1. That seems like a pretty significant quality control issue. What made you take it apart? Were you having issues with the resistance? Sorry to hear about the Delay with ProForm. It seems like such a simple part to have in stock. Let me know how it works out…

    1. The model number is PFEX39420 or PFEX39420.0. It is the ProForm Tour De France CB Studio Cycle. I hope that helps

  4. It might be an issue. The gap between the handle bar and seat is 17.5 inches that’s 1 inch more than the Pelton. My old bike adjust to 15.5 inches. My wife is 5’2″ and must lean forward and is not comfortable. She’s new at spinning.

    1. Ya, that could very well be an issue. I am tall & my wife is short (6’5 vs 5’4) so we REALLY like the Peloton feature that allows the seat to slide back & forth. She slides it all the way to the front while I slide it almost all the way back. Thanks for providing those measurements. I hope it works out

    2. I’m 5’2″ and new to spinning. Thinking of getting this bike but am concerned about the reach from the seat and handle bars. Thoughts?

      1. As you can see the seat can go up/down & slide forward/backward. I think you will be fine. My wife is 5’4 (I realize that is 2 inches taller) & she has no problem on our spin bike. This all depends on how tall/short your legs are. I know all bikes are different, but this should be able to accommodate you. See if they still have a display setup in store & you can try it before you buy. Hope that helps

  5. I saw it in the box at my local Costco tonight. Why haven’t you posted a pic of it all set up? I’m sure we’d all like to see what it looks like set up. Do the pedals also have toe clip-ins? I read in another post that using a tablet in the holder blocks the console that controls the resistance, etc. Is that the case?

    1. Thanks for the comment Brooklyn. As mentioned above, I currently have a Peloton setup. I don’t own the ProForm. According to the manual, you can change to your own pedals without issue. You would just need to make sure the threads/screw fit. That would allow you to have clip in shoes. I’ll check on the console next time I go to Costco. They usually have a display setup.

  6. Does the bike have a manual mode so-to-speak, so you can use it without a subscription after the 1 year even without a “program”?

    1. Yes, this bike does have manual mode. The directions are as follows…….
      1. Begin pedaling or press any button on the console to turn on the console.
      2. Change the resistance of the pedals as desired.
      3. Follow your progress with the display.

      You can select from the options of Modes: Speed, pulse, calories, resistance, RPM, time, and distance. Hope that helps!

      1. I just saw it yesterday at my local Costco. They have been in & out of stock for a couple months now, but I regularly see them. If you’re really interested in one you can see which Costco’s around you still have them in stock. It may be worth the drive. Hope you find one!

        1. Glad you were able to get one. I’ve noticed the same thing each time they are in stock. They don’t seem to be in stock for very long. Hope you end up enjoying it! Let me know

        1. Yes. I am still seeing them in stock all over the Bay Area. No idea when they will stop selling them, but you never know with Costco. Hopefully you’re enjoying it!

    1. It depends on how long your legs are. Everyone has different length legs and torso. It should work though. The seat does go down pretty low. If you can, go check it out in store. I consistently see the demo bike setup. Hope that helps

    2. It might be an issue. The gap between the handle bar and seat is 17.5 inches that’s 1 inch more than the Pelton. My old bike adjust to 15.5 inches. My wife is 5’2″ and must lean forward and is not comfortable. She’s new at spinning.

      1. Ya, that could very well be an issue. I am tall & my wife is short (6’5 vs 5’4) so we REALLY like the Peloton feature that allows the seat to slide back & forth. She slides it all the way to the front while I slide it almost all the way back. Thanks for providing those measurements. I hope it works out

    1. I’ve seen this in person & sat on it in Costco. It is your standard spin bike seat. It’s small & firm. I am 6’5 200 pounds & the Peloton bike seat is very similar. It doesn’t bother me too much as I only do 30 – 45 minute classes at the most. I’m not sure how easy it would be to install a different seat, but if you’re handy I’m sure you can make it work. Hope that helps

      1. Thank Lois. Ya, the spin seats can be quite hard. It hasn’t bothered me yet since my bike rides are at most 45 minutes. That’s great to know though should my seat ever get uncomfortable. Thanks for the comment

    1. Yes. This does have magnetic resistance. I am unsure as to the weight of the flywheel. It’s nowhere in the manual & they don’t give specifications on the replacement parts. I’ll email the company and get back to you. Thanks

    1. Yes. That bike model number is PFEX33921 while this one is PFEX39420. You can see some of the subtle differences in the photos. The flywheels are different & Costco’s bike doesn’t come with the weight rack or weights. I’m sure there are many other differences, but you’d have to check with the manuals on both bikes. The weights & the weight rack is a nice addition. As long as the functionality of the bikes are similar the Sam’s Club one may be a better option. Thanks for posting that!

  7. When the one year membership is up, do you HAVE to subscribe to a membership? Or are there any classes that just come with the bike that don’t require a subscription?

    1. According to the manual there are no preset classes installed on the console. You would need to renew your subscription to the iFit membership. It’s unfortunate, because some of their other products come with a pre-installed 24 classes that you can take. Even old stair master’s I’ve been on have preset programs. The other thing you can do is just download some YouTube spin classes. I’m sure there are PLENTY out there for free & you can follow along. You won’t be able to track your statistics without a Smart Device, but you can see your output on the screen. You may even find you like the YouTube classes better.

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