Costco Rangefinder, Nikon COOLSHOT Pro Stabilized Golf

Costco sells this Nikon Coolshot Pro Rangefinder for $299.99. Scroll down for photos! For all you golfers out there, this would be a nice addition to your bag. This will allow you to estimate distance to within 3/4 of a yard for accuracy. It’s compact, lightweight & easy to use. Costco has carried a few more golf items over the years. The Kirkland Signature Golf Balls were really popular for a while, so it’s nice to see them carry more and more items. They even have a Kirkland Signature Putter as well as a Wedge Set. Check them out in the links. With the holidays right around the corner, this would make a great gift under the tree. Here are a few more details about this Costco Nikon Coolshot Pro Rangefinder……..

  • Accurate to 3/4 of a yard, inside of 700 yards, and 1.25 yards beyond 700 yards.
  • Image stabilization that optically stabilizes the viewfinder and outbound laser
  • ID Technology for slope calculation & compensation
  • Crisp OLED screen with user selectable or auto brightness settings
  • Locked on Technology for flagstick confirmation
  • ADI LED light for tournament compliance
  • 8 second continuous measurement
  • IPX4 Rated Waterproof/Fog proof
  • 5 year warranty

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Costco Nikon COOLSHOT Pro Stabilized Golf Rangefinder

I found this item in the middle aisle next to all the other outdoor items. As you can see, they didn’t keep the stock on the floor. You need to bring the carboard tag with you to the register and pick it up at “Item Pickup”. They currently sell 6 rangefinder’s on I was surprised to see that many because it’s rare for Costco to give you so many options. Although this one is the most expensive ($319.99 online vs $299.99 in-store), it has the best reviews. It’s got a 4.6/5 rating with about 70 reviews at the time of this post. The only legitimate complaint was that it has a plastic shell, so it may not be so sturdy if dropped. Keep that in mind when purchasing. If you want to compare some other HIGHLY RATED rangefinders, make sure to check these out……

Price: $299.99, Item Number: 1529956

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2 thoughts on “Costco Rangefinder, Nikon COOLSHOT Pro Stabilized Golf

  1. I’ve been having really good luck with Costco lately with the last items in stock. I was able to snag this rangefinder for $125. I few months ago I was able to do the same with a set of wedges. They were $30 cheaper.

    1. Nice Micah! Score. These items aren’t carried at every Costco either, so lucky you to find them & on sale! Let me know how the rangefinder works out for you

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