Costco Reindeer Set, Standing Deer with 480 LED Lights

**2021 Lighted Deer Family 3 Piece Set at Costco, 656 LED’s**

This Costco Reindeer Set is much bigger in person than I originally thought! I thought they didn’t have a display up until I looked up to see how big they actually are. This is a set of 2 standing deer with 480 LED lights on each deer. Scroll for in store photos. The photos I took don’t do justice for what these look like during nighttime. I’ve seen these on display at night & they look amazing! Having these on your front lawn would be a great addition to your Christmas decor. They are a little pricey at $149.99, but they are worth every penny if you’re a big holiday decorator. Here are a few more details about this lighted reindeer set from Costco………

  • Set of 2
  • 480 LED lights each reindeer/deer
  • Indoor & Outdoor use
  • Each come with a red bow

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Costco Reindeer Lighted Set of 2 Deer

With an artificial Christmas tree & this set of reindeer you can pretty much have Christmas decorations up in 15 minutes. If you get a chance to see these at your local Costco, I recommend you do. There are a few sets out there that compete with this one & one of them is on Amazon. It is a set of 3 & they come in different sizes. People love them! Check them out here……..

Price: $149.99, Item Number: 2006031

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48 thoughts on “Costco Reindeer Set, Standing Deer with 480 LED Lights

  1. We are very sad, this year we bought the Lighted Deer Family 3 Piece Set at Costco, 656 LED’s
    On November and we have a week with out lights, my husband has been trying everything but still the lights doesn’t work.
    Can I return them back to Costco after a month?

    1. Yes! Of course. If they are not working after only a month I would absolutely return them. Did you check the fuses & make sure every section was plugged all the way in? It seems odd that none of them are working. If you end up finding the solution, please let me know

  2. Hi,
    we have the same product as this thread: two deer from Costco.

    Our deer were displaying solid lights for the past few years we had them.
    Today, we installed them and the lights are flashing very rapidly.

    Does anyone know a way to change the way the lights to display solid

    Thank you,
    Stefan & Sarah / Father & Daughter

    1. Any chance one of lights or the fuse is going bad. Could it also be the power supply is going bad? You said they were sold for the last couple years and are now blinking rapidly? That means there is likely an issue and they may turn off completely soon. Let me know if you end up finding out what the issue is

        1. See if any of the fuses blew. This would be the first thing to look at. Check where all the connections are to see if any of them look wet. It’s most likely water got in somewhere & short circuited something

    1. Hi Mike! Thanks for the tip. Do you have the old power supply from the deer set? If so, can you send a photo of it to [email protected]. I am just curious to match the voltage/amps. I’m sure there is one out there that works or can be modified to work. Thanks for letting us know

    1. Message received Tom. Thanks. If users scroll down they can find your link to a new power supply. Thanks again Tom

    1. Wow! Great find Tom! That is some real Internet Sleuthing. Hopefully everyone that has issues is able to find your comment. $16.95 is an inexpensive fix considering these were $149. Thanks for the post!

  3. I am also having similar issue like D Martin. Power cord to power supply is broken at the base of connectors. So need help to fix it.
    Does Everstar replaces only the Power Supply unit or they do replace the wire too?


    1. I would guess they only replace the power unit. If the wire is broken, you may be able to just use a wire nut & join the 2 wires together. With a little electrical tape & a wire nut, you could fix that right up. I would call & ask. Let them know your issue & they may be able to get you the wire too. If you could send a photo of the exact issue I may be able to help a little more. Thanks [email protected]

  4. Omg! I need to replace the power adapter lights are not working and don’t know what to get for the adapter because the box don’t have enough info. Please help

    1. Greg! Thanks so much! Great find. Sometimes it’s hard to find the company information for Costco products, but they are usually quick to respond because they probably don’t want complaints about their products. Hopefully people find your comment and are able to get their Costco Reindeer Set up and running. Thanks again!

    2. I had been looking for this information for a long time and was just about to give up until I ran across your comment. Thank you!

  5. Hi there,

    The company that supplies these to Costco is Everstar. Their email is [email protected] and phone is 1-800-833-3390

    My power adapter broke after a couple of weeks and they sent a replacement right away.

    1. Thanks so much! That’s great to know! It seems like there are a few people having trouble with these Costco Lighted Reindeer Sets. They all seem to be having issues with the power adapter. Hopefully people get this message & are able to get their reindeer back up & running. Thanks for the comment!

    1. Sorry. I don’t have the instruction manual for this reindeer set. As far as connecting them, it should be a simple plug connection. Can I ask what you are having trouble with? I’m sure myself or someone else will be able to help you with whatever issue you are having. You can also send me an email too [email protected]. Thanks

    1. Sorry. I don’t have the instruction manual for this reindeer set. As far as connecting them, it should be a simple plug connection. Can I ask what you are having trouble with? I’m sure myself or someone else will be able to help you with whatever issue you are having. You can also send me an email too [email protected]. Thanks

    1. I’m sure it can. How comfortable are you with opening the power supply? If you could send photos I can probably give you a little more specific directions. [email protected]. I’ve done this with many device where the power supply has been damaged. The wires are either attached with screws or soldered on. The nice thing is if you replace it, you can attach whatever length power cord you like

  6. We have had a similar problem.. I opened the deer up and check all the wires. All the wires inside were hot so we think it is the plug.. We are going to try a new Class 2 power supply. (CZJUTAI – JT-DC030V0300-C) as it seems it is the connection. Hopefully when we plug the wire from the deer into the new adapter it will work. I hope this was helpful to you…

  7. Does anyone know where I can purchase replacement lights for the Holiday lawn reindeer and sled I purchased at Costco?

    1. Can you send me a photo of the lights? [email protected]. Are they not standard lights that come on a standard 100 count strings? Those always come with a few extra bulbs. You should always be able to find something compatible on Amazon.

  8. Hi
    We purchased the set of 3 deer last year but have misplaced the power supplies for the LED lights. Can anyone who has these deer tell me what the output voltage of the included transformers is? I suspect it is either 12 Volts or 24 volts, if you could let me know that would be awesome.


    1. Hi John. I’ll see what I can find the next time I go to Costco. They usually have displays set up. If I have access to the power supply/transformer I’ll take a photo and let you know. Until then maybe someone here can take a photos of the power supply & I’ll be glad to post it on this page & shoot you an email. Please let me know if you get that info

      1. I just went yesterday & they are all out of the reindeer. It’s a bummer because I know people are still looking for them. I was unable to see if they had a power supply because of no display. I’ll try to check a different Costco next time & get back you. Until then maybe someone on here can give us some information

    2. Hi John,

      I just concluded I need to replace my power supply and I have the old one right here. This is for the 3-reindeer set I purchased 2 years ago:
      CAJUTAI Class 2 Power Supply
      Model: JT-DC290V0800-G
      Input: 120V~60Hzm 0.80A
      Output: 29V-0.80A

      1. Thanks a lot for that info Croft! I looked EVERYWHERE online. I couldn’t find a similar LED transformer with those specifications. It appears they don’t make them anymore. The closest LED transformer I could come up with was on eBay. It’s output is 29V & 0.9a so it’s only 100 milliamps more. The model number is TS-26WL29V. If you can’t get a hold of the company for a replacement power supply, than it might be worth a shot to try the eBay one. Thanks for the info Croft

  9. Set up in yard – look beautiful BUT the cord connection from power unit to one deer has a short. One deer beautifully lit, the other dark. Need to replace cord power unit but have no phone number to call. Made in China. Any help would be appreciated.

    1. Unfortunately your best option would be to return the whole set at Costco for a refund. The problem with that is they are probably out of stock in stores because they are out of stock online. the other option would be to go to Jameco’s website, or give them a call, & see if they have a power supply for you. They really are amazing…….I had an old router I needed a power supply for so I walked in & within 5 minutes I had a power supply in hand. They used digital calipers, as well as the spec’s on the device & it was no issue. Since you have another power supply with the other deer they should be able to replicate it. I hope that helps. Let me know how it works out

  10. Do they have the 2 LED lighted Deer at any of the Costco locations. They are out of stock at location on Richmond Avenue

    1. They usually do. I have seen this set at almost every Costco I’ve been to (during the holidays of course). Sometimes different Costco’s get their holiday items at different times. I’ve noticed the 2 Costco’s in my area (only 10 miles apart) will have 1 item in stock weeks early before the other. Not sure why, but my guess is that they will be in stock soon. If not you can always try to order it from Costco’s website or check out the Amazon link in my post above. Good luck finding your lighted deer!

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