Costco Salad Spinner, OXO Softworks Green

Costco sells this OXO Softworks Salad Spinner for $16.97. Scroll down for photos. Am I the only one that gets excited to find such great deals at Costco? Even though it’s just your standard salad spinner, it’s marked down to that infamous .97 * asterisk in the top right corner! You can see they even have the original price of $24.99 & it’s marked down over 30% to 16.97. For those of you who need to upgrade their salad spinner, make sure to grab one of these at Costco. We’ve had our OXO Salad Spinner for a couple of years now & we love it. We’ve had no issue or complaints with it & it works great every time. I saw these on sale at multiple Costco’s, so check yours local Costco for the discount. Here are a few more details about this Costco Salad Spinner…….

  • Brand: OXO Good Grips
  • Easy One Handed Operation
  • Wide Base Keeps Bowl Steady
  • Clear Bowl for Serving
  • Flat Lid Allows For Easy Storage
  • Spin Salad or Fruit
  • Award Winning Iconic Design

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Costco OXO Good Grips Softworks Salad Spinner

What’s funny is this is one of our favorite kitchen items that our kid loves to play with. Every time he sees the salad spinner come out he wants to “help” spin. It’s actually pretty awesome. I put it on the floor so he can plunge the pump up & down and help us make dinner. It’s a great way to get him involved with some help around the house (he’s not even 3 =). They don’t currently sell this on, but this has GREAT reviews everywhere else. I am assuming Costco will not be carrying this brand because the asterisk is usually a sign the item won’t be re-stocked. It’s a bummer because I believe it’s such a great product. If you’d like to buy it elsewhere or look at other HIGHLY RATED salad spinners, make sure to check these out (Check out the MUELLER REVIEWS, they’re awesome!)……

Price: $14.97, Item Number: 1371826

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2 thoughts on “Costco Salad Spinner, OXO Softworks Green

    1. I haven’t seen it for months now. As you can see there is an asterisk in the photo which means it is a discontinued product. I even saw these in another Costco at the price of $6.97! I’ll keep an eye out and update if I see them

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