Costco Self Watering Planters, CedarCraft Raised Garden

Costco sells these CedarCraft Self Watering Planters for $139.99. Scroll down for photos. Costco has sold these raised planters in the past and they are usually pretty popular. For those with limited space on their property or inside their home, this is a great way to add a gardening element. You can set this up on you’re deck / balcony or simply in the backyard. It only takes up about 8 square feet & it’s got wheels for mobility. The self watering feature is wonderful too, because it gives you some room for error when watering. Especially with inflation hitting recent highs, this could be a great way to grow some fresh food right outside. Here are a few more details about this Costco CedarCraft Self Watering Planters……

  • Brand: CedarCraft or Cedar Craft
  • Assembled outer dimensions: 21″W x 47″L x 32”H (with casters)
  • Planting area: 20″W x 45″L x 9.3”D
  • Soil capacity: 4.8 cubic feet
  • Includes irrigation system with fill tube & water level indicator, post caps, casters
  • Made in Canada
  • Save time & water with a 6-gallon self-watering irrigation system
  • Consistent water delivery yields healthier, more productive plants
  • Easy working height minimizes back & knee strain
  • Rustproof powder coated aluminum legs & stained Canadian Spruce, sustainably sourced
  • Casters allow planter to roll easily & 2 locks to secure it in place

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Costco CedarCraft Self-Watering Elevated Spruce Planter

This is a great deal for $139.99. I inspected the display in-store and it really seems to be made with high quality materials. The only issue I would have is you probably should reinforce the planter with galvanized braces from Home Depot or Lowe’s. The way it is put together does not look like it can hold the potting mix & water for years to come. It will probably hold p just fine for a few season, but with some simple braces this can last for years to come. currently sells this for $179.99 which is $40 more for shipping / handling. I would get this in-store while you can. Gardening season will be coming to an end soon, so these will be out of stock. If you can’t find these at Costco, make sure to check out these other HIGHLY RATED elevated self watering planters…..

Price: $139.99, Item Number: 1571686

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