Costco Snowman Decoration, Set of 3 LED Snowman Family

Costco sells this Set of 3 Snowman Family for $129.99. Scroll down for photos. This is a great option to have if you don’t want to spend the $169 for the Lighted Deer Family 3 Piece Set that Costco sells. This is a 3 pack of LED snowman that would look great in your front yard, on the roof, or even inside your home. Costco has sold this in the years past & they are usually pretty popular every year. Not quite as popular as the LED Reindeer set, but sells out none the less. We’re still over 2 months away, but with COVID causing delays at the ports, I would buy it sooner than later. This is a great & easy way to spruce up your front yard. They are easy to assemble & low maintenance. Here are a few more details about this Costco Snowman Outdoor Lighted LED Set……

  • Pop-up construction, quick & easy assembly
  • Dimensions: Snowman 1, approximate dimensions: 5′ (L) x 2.8′ (W), Snowman 2, approximate dimensions: 4.1′ (L) x 2.7′ (W), Snowman 3, approximate dimensions: 3.4′ (L) x 2.2′ (W)
  • Cool to the touch LED lights
  • 520 total LED lights w/52 that randomly twinkle
  • Includes metal yard stakes
  • Plug-in: outdoor adaptor cord length is approximately 32′
  • Coated metal frame
  • Accessories not included
  • For indoor and outdoor use

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Costco LED Pre-Lit Pop-Up Snowman Family

I found these in the middle aisle at Costco, next to all the other holiday items. It really feels like the Christmas Decorations hit the shelves earlier each year. You can see from the directions, it should only take you about 10 minutes to setup. The nice part is the 32 foot cord length which really gives you some flexibility on location. currently sells these for $139.99, so if you can’t find them in-store, it’s only $10 more for shipping. It’s got good reviews too with a 4.5/5 rating. If you can’t find these in store, or want to check out some other HIGHLY RATED Outdoor LED Snowmen, make sure to check these out…….

Price: $129.99, Item Number: 1487049

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26 thoughts on “Costco Snowman Decoration, Set of 3 LED Snowman Family

  1. Spectrum Laser Lights sells the replacement cables and 3 way cable and also the Power Adapter. Better quality cable than the original, heavier gauge.

  2. Hello! I was excited to get a display model, but missing the instructions and some parts. I can’t make out the customer service number from instructions posted. It would be great if someone could provide the number. Thank you!

  3. I purchased this set of three snowmen.. the plug in part was missing:(
    Can anyone tell me what the output is? 30V….?
    I might just use one off a different display piece.

    1. It’s usually right around that voltage but I’m not 100% sure. The models have changed over the years. Maybe someone can take a photo of the plug or the electrical part that gives the ratings. It seems like these power adapter go missing or bad all the time. Let me know if you end up finding a solution

  4. I bought me snowman set last year and it was awesome, but after I assembled this year, of course they wouldn’t light. Anyone have troubleshooting directions? NIV e called their number but they say to send email..still no response. So bummed.

    1. Sorry to hear. Can you post the email you contact so every here knows who to email? Any way you can use a multimeter to see where you are getting power? Is there any obvious damage to any of the cables? Any change one of the fuses is blown and that’s why it’s not working. These type of holiday decorations tend to be very finnicky. Sorry about the troubles and hopefully you find the issue

  5. Got the largest one at an outlet that gets goods from Costco but it didn’t have the last cord part that goes into the outlet. Trying to find it for sale but not sure what it is called or if I can get a replacement piece. If anyone has any ideas it would be greatly appreciated!!

    1. These cords are tough to find. Can you send me a photo of the adapter that the cord is supposed to plug into. [email protected]. You’re best bet is going to be Amazon or eBay, but with a photo I may be able to help

    1. Can you carefully inspect the full length of the cord for any damage? If you have a multimeter, you can always check the end to see if it is getting the correct voltage. I can’t remember if this set has a fuse, but if it does, did you check the fuse? Please let me know if you end up finding out what the issue is

  6. Have had our Costco snowman for 3 years now. First year we disassembled to store. Never again. Now we store it as is, protective covering, in our garage. This year we find it is looking dirty.Wiped it down, but is there a safe way to give it a good wash without damaging the material or the coloured components?

    1. Is it that much of a pain to disassemble and store? Unless you have plenty of space, these seem very large to store set up. As far as the cleaning, would a blower work. Not necessarily an air compressor, but a leaf blower? Since they are meant for outdoor use, what about a light watering? Let me know what works. Thanks

      1. Thanx for comment. Luckily,space is not an issue for storage.My husband hosed the snowman down today,avoiding the colored parts(scarf,gift box) which cleaned up quite a bit. The worst of the brown look is at the back so doesn’t show. When we put it away,we will do a better cleaning by spraying with a solution of 1 tsp dawn dish liquid, 1 pint peroxide,1/4 cup baking soda.then rinsing. I am told this works well on all-white outdoor decos. I’ll remove the colored parts before spraying just in case.

    1. Hi Melanie! I still see them in store so keep your eyes out. Keep checking back on because they may come back in stock.

  7. How do you store them for next year decoration? Are they foldable? Or do you need un assemble them for storage?

    1. If you take a look at the photo of the directions you can see that they break down pretty easily. The box they come in is MUCH smaller than the 3 snowman. I would keep the box & take a couple photos of unpacking them so you can re-pack & put them back in the same box. Photos ALWAYS helps me with stuff like these. Hope that helps

        1. I don’t have this exact set. I have a similar set of something Costco has sold in the past. Unfortunately it’s packed away until the next holidays. If I can remember, I’d be happy to post =)

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