Costco Snowman Decoration, Set of 3 LED Snowman Family

Costco sells this Set of 3 Snowman Family for $129.99. Scroll down for photos. This is a great option to have if you don’t want to spend the $169 for the Lighted Deer Family 3 Piece Set that Costco sells. This is a 3 pack of LED snowman that would look great in your front yard, on the roof, or even inside your home. Costco has sold this in the years past & they are usually pretty popular every year. Not quite as popular as the LED Reindeer set, but sells out none the less. We’re still over 2 months away, but with COVID causing delays at the ports, I would buy it sooner than later. This is a great & easy way to spruce up your front yard. They are easy to assemble & low maintenance. Here are a few more details about this Costco Snowman Outdoor Lighted LED Set……

  • Pop-up construction, quick & easy assembly
  • Dimensions: Snowman 1, approximate dimensions: 5′ (L) x 2.8′ (W), Snowman 2, approximate dimensions: 4.1′ (L) x 2.7′ (W), Snowman 3, approximate dimensions: 3.4′ (L) x 2.2′ (W)
  • Cool to the touch LED lights
  • 520 total LED lights w/52 that randomly twinkle
  • Includes metal yard stakes
  • Plug-in: outdoor adaptor cord length is approximately 32′
  • Coated metal frame
  • Accessories not included
  • For indoor and outdoor use

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Costco LED Pre-Lit Pop-Up Snowman Family

I found these in the middle aisle at Costco, next to all the other holiday items. It really feels like the Christmas Decorations hit the shelves earlier each year. You can see from the directions, it should only take you about 10 minutes to setup. The nice part is the 32 foot cord length which really gives you some flexibility on location. currently sells these for $139.99, so if you can’t find them in-store, it’s only $10 more for shipping. It’s got good reviews too with a 4.5/5 rating. If you can’t find these in store, or want to check out some other HIGHLY RATED Outdoor LED Snowmen, make sure to check these out…….

Price: $129.99, Item Number: 1487049

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3 thoughts on “Costco Snowman Decoration, Set of 3 LED Snowman Family

  1. How do you store them for next year decoration? Are they foldable? Or do you need un assemble them for storage?

    1. If you take a look at the photo of the directions you can see that they break down pretty easily. The box they come in is MUCH smaller than the 3 snowman. I would keep the box & take a couple photos of unpacking them so you can re-pack & put them back in the same box. Photos ALWAYS helps me with stuff like these. Hope that helps

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