Costco & Their Fantastic Response to COVID-19

Unless you’ve been living under a rock the last several weeks you have probably already experienced issues with Costco + COVID-19/coronavirus = HOARDING. I won’t go down the rabbit hole by sharing my opinions on hoarding, except that it’s very unfortunate for everyone. Having said that, Costco has done a phenomenal job in responding to the current situation. Here are a few of the things I’ve seen at my local Costco…..

1. Orderly Lines to Get Inside

I showed up at 8:50am (10 minutes prior to opening) & got in the back of a LONG line (it seemed longer than it actually took to get inside). After they let a few hundred shoppers in, I made my way inside in about 15-20 minutes. No big deal.

2. Limit on the number of people inside the store

They limit the number of shoppers to a few hundred or more (guesstimate) & only let about 50 people in once 50 people have left. This honestly creates a much calmer atmosphere that is better for everyone. I was there when they let EVERYONE in. It was a free-for-all!

3. No returns on Toilet Paper (TP), Paper Towels, Sanitizing Wipes, Water, Rice, Lysol

I love this! For all you people buying pallets of supplies to re-sell, now you’re stuck with them. When the COVID-19/coronavirus does start to subside no one wants to see an abundance of returns, because youu’ve been hoarding. If you bought 200 pounds of rice, you should be stuck with it & Costco will not accept returns.

4. Special hours 60 & over shoppers

For the shoppers over 60 years old: you get to shop Tuesday’s & Thursday’s 8am – 9am. I think this is fantastic. It allows the more senior members of society to get a chance to shop without the onslaught of the younger generations. This works two-fold: they are high risk individuals & are not exposed to as many people during these hours, thus helping prevent the spread of the virus & maintaining their health.

5. Items with Key Limits

There are about 100+ items with key limits. This mostly includes wipes, water, food, TP & paper towels. It really help everyone get an opportunity to get the food they need. Most items were down to 1 only, however, you could get 2 cases of TP (for example) as long as you got 1 Kirkland brand & 1 Charmin brand. I couldn’t get close enough to get a photo of all the items…… apologies.

6. Sold out items listed outside

I thought this was great. It let’s shoppers know right away, what items are out of stock. You don’t need to stand in line to see this list, thus saving time. My local Costco was out of the following items

It was honestly a pleasure to shop today. Once, inside it felt like just another day shopping at my local Costco………GLORIOUS! Please share any of you’re experiences & let me know what you think

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