Costco Titan 25 Piece Screwdriver Set

I absolutely love these screwdrivers. It is the most used tool set in my house. I purchased this same brand (Titan) a couple years ago & it came with a stand/holder for all the screwdrivers, so it is mounted in my garage for easy access. You can never have enough screwdrivers lying around the house for all those random needs. I had no idea how convenient these were until I started using them. Here are my favorite features of this set…..

  • Precision Machined Magnetic Tips (AMAZING for holding screws)
  • Easy read markings on the screwdrivers (It’s so convenient)
  • Hex shaft to get more leverage with a crescent wrench or pliers
  • Handles on the bigger screwdrivers are GREAT for leverage
  • The picks are great! Might be the most used in the whole set

Honestly, if you’re one of those people who has a drawer full of random screwdrivers, I would still recommend this. It makes all those little projects a bit nicer since you don’t have to spend time looking for the right bit. Check out the photos below to see my setup.

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I was trying to look for something similar on Amazon & came across this 10-piece magnetic screwdriver set by Cremax. It’s got GREAT ratings & you can check it out here……

There is a list of bits on the back of this set for you to check out. It lists all 25 bits. For $12.99 you can’t go wrong!

Price: $12.99, Item Number: 2525000

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