Costco Traeger Mesa 22 Pellet Grill

I had never used a smoker up until a few years ago so this review is coming from somebody who is new to smoking chicken, beef, ribs, sausage, etc. These things are amazing! They are literally a set it and forget it type of machine & they are so forgiving. I was a little intimidated my first time smoking a couple whole chickens because I was afraid they were going to be dry or flavorless. The beauty of these smokers is that they cook so slow it gives you plenty of time before it get’s too dry or if you turn the heat up, it cooks similar to a BBQ by just monitoring the temperature gauge. My go to meal is to spatchcock a few chickens, throw some seasoning or marinade on & smoke them for a couple hours. The skin is perfectly crisped & the meat is tender and juicy.

This model, the Mesa 22, is specific to Costco. At the time of writing this they are currently sold out on the Traeger website @ $499, but you can get this one at Costco for $489. Here are a few features of this Traeger grill……

  • Digital Pro Controller
  • Sturdy 2-inch legs
  • Hopper clean out
  • 418 square inches grilling area
  • 18 pound capacity hopper

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Traeger Mesa 22 Pellet Grill Shelf

If you end up buying the Traeger Mesa 22 from Costco, make sure to buy the Traeger Pellet Grills BAC362 Folding Shelf to go with it. It’s a GREAT accessory to have & if you read the reviews you’ll see how popular they are. Here is the link……..

The Mesa 22 is the perfect size for a home smoker & you’re neighbors will be jealous every time you fire it up. If you’re looking for some reviews, I believe this Traeger on Amazon is the closest common size to the Costco model. It’s slightly bigger and a few hundred more dollars. It’s got good reviews & is $609 at the time of writing. Below the Amazon link is the Traeger manual for the Costco model Mesa 22. Check it out…….

Price: $489, Item: 1451714

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