Costco TV Mount, Sanus Simplicity Wall Mount

Costco sells 3 styles of wall mounts for the price range between $64.99 – $129.99. Scroll down for photos. I purchased a Hisense 43″ Class – R6 Series – 4K UHD LED LCD TV for $219.99 the other day. Right next to the TV was the wall mount’s, so I grabbed the $64.99 wall mount. It works for TV’s between the size of 22″ – 55″. What I like about this Costco tv mount is the ability to tilt, extend & rotate. If you take a look at the $84.99 TV wall mount you can see there is not much movement. I’ve had this type of mount before & I did not like it. I like to be able to pull the TV off the wall & angle it depending on the situation. It’s a few more dollars, but gives you much more flexibility. Here are a few more details about these Costco TV Wall Mount……..

  • Sanus Simplicity SMF218-B1, 22″ – 55″ TV Wall Mount – Up to 60 Pound Capacity, Full Motion: Extend, Tilt, Retract, Swivel, Easy Installation, Finger Touch Tilt, Fits Most TV Mounting Patterns. Price: $64.99
  • Sanus Simplicity SLT3-B1, 37″ – 90″ TV Wall Mount – Up to 150 Pound Capacity, Low Profile Tilting Mount, Extends 5.8 Inches from the Wall, Fits Most TV Mounting Patterns, Price: $84.99
  • Sanus Simplicity SLF226-B1, 37″ – 90″ TV Wall Mount – Up to 135 Pound Capacity, Full Motion: Extend, Tilt, Retract, Swivel. 26 Inches of Extension, Fits Most TV Mounting Patterns, Price: $129.99

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Costco Sanus Simplicity TV Wall Mount

If you have to choose between the (2) wall mounts that fit TV’s 37″ – 90″, I would go with the expensive one. The more expensive one does full motion: extend, tilt, retract, swivel. The other one just tilts. Yes it is a little more expensive, but so was the TV. Get it the mount it deserves. I purchased the $64.99 model (SMF218-B1). I mounted it to metal studs with strap toggle’s & it’s solid as a rock! The flexibility with the TV mounting patterns was no issue at all! This kit came with everything. If you want to check out some other HIGHLY RATED TV Wall Mounts make sure to check these out…….

Price: $64.99 (Item Number: 1902181), $84.99 (Item Number: 1907031), $129.99 (Item Number: 1902261)

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