Costco Water Balloons, Zuru Bunch O Balloons 420 Count

Costco sells the Bunch O Balloons water balloon pack for $19.99. Scroll down for photos. You know summer is right around the corner when the water balloons hit the shelves. This is a must buy for anyone with kids, or anyone who likes throwing water balloons. As an 80’s kid I remember getting the pack of cheap water balloons at the store & having to stretch them over a spigot (no I didn’t have the easy filler), with half of them breaking. You had to tie a knot with the smallest shred of an end, hoping they didn’t break. I remember the first time I saw these bunch-o-balloons & had the same reaction everyone else did……”why didn’t I think of that?”. Anyways, these easy fill packs make it sooooo simple. Here are a few more details about these Costco Water Balloons……..

  • Brand: Zuru Bunch O Balloons
  • 420 Pack (12 bunches @ 35 balloons per bunch
  • Fill & Tie 100 in 60 seconds
  • Ages 3+
  • Balloon Stems & Caps made from 100% recycled plastic

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Costco Zuru Bunch O Balloons, 420 Water Balloons

What gets me the most is you don’t even have to tie the knot anymore. They’ve got little rubber bands on the end which make it almost too easy. Now I just sound like a complainer……”back in my day………” =). You can have all 420 balloons filled in a matter of minutes. Tying the knot was usually the hardest part. The easy fill directions are on the back of the container. This would be a great gift for birthday parties or summer BBQ’s. The kids will love it! The brand Zuru makes several different packs of water balloons that are all HIGHLY RATED. Costco only carries this 420 pack, so make sure to check out the other ones here………

Price: $19.99, Item Number: 1506370

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2 thoughts on “Costco Water Balloons, Zuru Bunch O Balloons 420 Count

    1. These water balloons are at all 4 Costco’s around me. I have seen them stocked on every shelf. They are awesome as gifts! The kids love them. I found these located in the Bay Area, CA. Specifically the San Francisco, South San Francisco, Foster City & Redwood City stores. I go to Costco a lot =)

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