Costco Water Table, Step 2 Double Rain Shower Splash

Costco sells this Step 2 Water Table for $68.99. Scroll down for photos. My kid has a smaller version of this water table and he absolutely loves it. It could be 50 degrees and windy outside & he’ll still ask for me to setup this water table. This is a great inexpensive way, to get the kids outside & keep them busy for hours. I’ve talked a lot about battling screen time in previous posts & this is another great way to keep you kids outside and entertained. It only takes a couple minutes to setup & we keep it stored in one of those Suncast Deck Boxes. It breaks down easily too & has a quick plug to drain the water. Without fail, he comes in soaked every time, but he has a blast doing it. Here are a few more details about this Costco Step 2 Water Table……

  • Brand: Step 2 or Step2
  • Double Showers Splash Water Table
  • Water table basin with legs and tower, 11 accessories
  • Scoop up water from the basin and pour over the top spinner to create a waterfall.
  • Rearrange the teeter and spinners for fun STEM play, and use the side flipper and figures to flex fine motor skills.
  • Open design water table and included accessories encourage interactive social play for multiple toddlers.
  • Features non-leak drain plug to keep water in during playtime, and makes draining for clean-up easy.
  • Two rows of showers
  • Minimal adult assembly required.
  • Made in USA

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Costco Step2 Double Rain Showers Splash Water Table

I don’t remember seeing a water table like this in the last couple of years. They won’t be on the shelves for long, because summer is almost upon us. This item will sell out quickly so make sure to get it while you can. This would make for a great birthday gift or just an item to have around for kids gatherings. It’s a great way for children to work on their social skills & good for STEM play. currently sells the “Step2 Rushing Rapids Water Table” for $52.99, but this one is bigger & has more features for just $10 more. Like I said, I have one & I HIGHLY RECOMMEND it! If you can’t find this at Costco, make sure to check out these other HIGHLY RATED water tables……

Price: $68.99, Item Number: 1572639

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