Costco Wiper Blades, Michelin Guardian Hybrid

Costco sells the Michelin Guardian Hybrid Wiper Blades for $8.99. Scroll down for photos. These are GREAT wiper blades. I’ve purchased them for both my wife’s & my car. Make sure to look at the sizes though because the 2 front wiper blades aren’t always the same size. We had an older Honda Civic that had 2 different size wiper blades for the front windshield. These blades go on sale several times a year. They are usually $3 off & sell for $5.99. That is when I normally purchase my set. What usually happens is the first rain comes along & I realize my wiper blades barely work. The rubber has usually broken off & drags along the windshield. Now I always have an extra set available. Here is a little more information about this Costco Wiper Blades………

  • Max Windshield Contact
  • EZ Lok™ Connector System for Simple Installation
  • Fit-Right™ Design Adjusts to the Curve of Your Windshield
  • Multi-pressure Point Surface Contact for Better Wipes and Improved Vision
  • Performance in All-Weather – Heavy Rain, Ice, Sleet and Snow
  • Blade Lengths: 15″, 16″, 17″, 18″, 19″, 20″, 21″, 22″, 24″, 26″ & 28″

Michelin Guardian Hybrid Wiper Blade Assorted Sizes

Like I said above, I always try to keep an extra set for when the first rains hit. It’s only about $15 & it’s totally worth it. These are very easy to install. Once you figure out the quick lock system (plenty of YouTube videos) you’ll have them on in a snap =). They come in a variety of sizes so they will fit most cars. Be sure to look at the fitment guide in store to see the size for your vehicle. You can also scan the QR code for the online guide. Costco also sells these online & they have a rating of 4.4/5 with over 2,600 reviews. It’s an extra $1.99 to ship each blade though. Make sure to check out the other 2 HIGHLY RATED (they are rated higher than the Michelin’s) brands …….

Price: $8.99, Item Numbers: 1249761, 124972, 1249764, 1249767, 1249768, 1249769, 1249770, 1249771, 1249772 & 1249773

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