Costco DeWalt Mechanic’s Tool Set, 184 Piece Black Chrome

I am a big fan of DeWalt products! I have there 20V line of cordless tools & they have been great. It’s not too often you see Costco carry DeWalt products so I am always tempted to buy whenever I see them. Here is a 184 piece DeWalt Mechanic’s Tool Set at Costco (scroll for photos). As someone who does basic maintenance on his cars (oil changes, filter changes, transmission drain & fill, etc.), these tools are a must. The only reason I haven’t purchased this is because I already have a Craftsman set that’s been good to me. These tools are always nice to have around. It comes with a carrying case to keep everything organized. I hate the thought of having to dig through a drawer of sockets trying to find the right one. Here are a few more features about this DeWalt Mechanic’s Tool Set……….

  • Black Chrome Design
  • Durable Case with Latches
  • Grip Bit Driver
  • Anti-slip grip
  • 72 Tooth Ratchets
  • Lifetime Warranty

Dewalt Mechanics Tool Set Costco

If you’re contemplating the purchase, just buy it. DeWalt comes with a Lifetime warranty against defect of their tools & the case is easy to store away somewhere. It’s not a bad idea to have one of these in your car or truck. If you take a look at the back you can see all the different pieces that come with the set. Here is a list of them here………

  • 3 x 72 tooth pear head ratchets
  • 24 x 1/4″ 6 point sockets
  • 10 x 1/4″ 6 point deep sockets
  • 4 x accessory bars (1 bit adapter, 3 extensions)
  • 23 x 3/8″ 6 point sockets
  • 14 x 3/8″ 6 point deep sockets
  • 1 x 3/8″ spark plug socket
  • 13 x 1/2″ 6 point sockets
  • 11 x combination wrenches
  • 12 x nut driver bits
  • 29 x specialty tools (28 hex keys & 1 spinner handle)
  • 40 x 1/4″ drive specialty bits

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People love these DeWalt tool sets. Just check out some of the reviews on Costco or Amazon. If you can’t find this at Costco or you’d like to purchase a similar Chrome set from Amazon, please check out this link here…….

Price: $99.99, Item Number: 1841840

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16 thoughts on “Costco DeWalt Mechanic’s Tool Set, 184 Piece Black Chrome

  1. I have several deWalt power tools and the have all been reliable, so I bought this docket set. I used the Rachel for about 4 turns and it locked up. I could not get it to release in either direction. Then I noticed on the package it’s made in China. I took it back.

    1. Sorry to hear! Wonder if it could just be a lemon. I had one of those old Craftsmen sets that did the same thing

  2. I’m sorry to disagree, but I’ll be returning my set. I had a pile of mismatched hand-me-down craftsman sockets and a truckstop special ratchet I’d made due with for years.
    So I was excited to get a reputable manufacturer, lifetime warranty, case and finally stop stripping bolts when I don’t have the right size socket.
    But I started working on a small engine, got my hands covered in oil, and needed to switch sockets to loosen a different bolt. Yeah, spring force belt sockets without a quick release are going to drive me crazy when my fingers are covered in 10W-30. I nearly ended up flinging my 5/8” socket across the garage.
    I’ll lose my mind if I keep these for the lifetime warranty. Looks like it’s the craftsman set at Lowe’s for me (and hey, it’s the same corporate manufacturer now anyway).

    1. I’m sorry to disagree, but your review is not a review of the tool set, it is a review of you mechanicing skills. Wipe your hands off and learn how to change out sockets more effectively.

      1. Thanks David. I don’t think it would be bad if they added a quick release feature, but to each their own. Thanks for stopping by

    2. Well, now I’m having second thoughts! I probably should have kept the set and just picked up a quick release ratchet, I ended up spending more and now I don’t have all those wrenches and am stuck with my old rusty Allen keys.

      1. Sorry to hear Joseph. I feel like I’ve seen this tool set at Costco recently, so they still may be in stock. Hopefully you find one!

    3. Thanks for the comment Joe. If they don’t work for you I can understand. That’s a good piece of information to keep in mind when making a purchase like this. You may find a different set that is more beneficial to your needs. The quick release may be a feature that some people really want so that’s good to know before you buy. To each their own. I appreciate you stopping by to leave a review. Nice thing is you can always return the set to Costco.

  3. Yes, it’s just marked wrong. I took the set and met with the manager to address. I even brought my Dewalt 20V impact to use on the 24 small screws that enclose the plastic cover on the display case so we could open a few to check. They ended up only opening one which was marked correctly so we just swapped out sockets and they will handle the issue with Dewalt. So, it looks like everyone else should be ok and, in fact, I did just get “lucky”… All good now.

    1. Wow. Interesting. Glad you got that taken care of. Costco is great for stuff like that. It’s nice they just swapped the 1 out & you go on your way. I’d be surprised if there aren’t any more. What a freak thing to happen. Thanks for letting me know

  4. I bought a set today and noticed the 16mm socket for the 3/8” drive is mismarked as 15mm. Anyone else have this issue or did I just get “lucky”?

    1. That’s interesting. So it’s actually a 16mm socket that is just marked wrong? If so, that may have been a production issue. I wonder if others have the same thing

    1. So glad you like it! I was a big fan of the black chrome design. It’s really sleek looking. Good thing you got it now because you never know when they stop carrying an item like this…..especially Dewalt. Thanks for the comment

      1. I saw it, did not buy it because I could not lift into my cart. Was disappointed to go back and they were gone. I was told by a manager on duty they were not getting anymore and all other Costco’s were out also. I went back for clothing this past weekend and guess what I saw??? I asked a total stranger to put it in the cart for me as it is a Christmas gift for my son. Struggled to get it in the car but I managed. He will be happy with this set I am sure of it. I get inside scoop from my other son who happens to work for Costco 🙂

        1. Amazing! Glad you were able to find it Belinda. That’s great you found a fellow shopper to help you load them in your cart. They are quite heavy since it’s such a large pack. I’m sure he will be happy with the set too! Happy Holidays & thanks for the comment!

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