Jim Shore Mickey Mouse @ Costco, Holiday Greeter 2022

Costco sells this Jim Shore Mickey Mouse Holiday Greeter for $47.99. Scroll down for photos. I can’t believe I am already posting Christmas items since we’re still in August, but here we are =). The main reason for posting this item is that it’s always popular! These sell out every time at Costco. Around early December, I start getting emails and comments asking where they are in stock. This looks to be the EXACT same greeter from last year & the price has only increased $2! That’s a great deal considering how high inflation has been recently. You can check out last years post by clicking here. These did not go on sale last year, so I wouldn’t hold out for that. The great part about buying it now, is you get to put it out for almost 4 months. Here are a few more details about this Jim Shore Mickey Mouse Holiday Greeter………

  • Brand: Jim Shore / Disney
  • Old St. Mick
  • Hand Painted
  • Approximately 17″ Tall
  • Indoor / Outdoor Use

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Costco Jim Shore Mickey Mouse Holiday Greeter

I found these in the center aisle at Costco. They already have a small section of about a dozen holiday themed items. They are really getting started early. It’s possible that these are items Costco was unable to sell from last year. I got a chance to pick up and inspect the mickey mouse greeter on display. They are really nice and hand painted. This would look great on any doorstep & requires no time to setup at all. These would also work great for gifts, so if you’re an early shopper this would make for an awesome gift. Obviously, this is seasonal, so they can be gone at any moment. Costco has sold the Jim Shore Halloween characters in the past, so I’m hoping to see those on the shelves too! Costco.com does not currently sell these online, so this is in-store only. If you can’t find these in-store, make sure to check out these other Jim Shore Figurines……

Price: $47.99, Item Number: 1487542

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