Lighted Deer Family 3 Piece Set at Costco, 656 LED’s

Costco sells this Lighted Deer Family 3 Piece Set for $169.99. Scroll down for photos. This is an item I’ve seen at Costco for a number of years now. Although they are a little pricey at $170, they are a high quality set, that is significantly cheaper than your big box store (Lowe’s, Home Depot) counterparts. Last year, Costco sold the Set of 2 Lighted Deer for $149.99. This seems like a great deal to get the 3rd deer for only $30 more. As you can see it looks like there are 2 larger deer accompanied by a smaller baby deer or fawn. I’ve seen these in the neighborhood & they really like wonderful at night. The photos below don’t do this product justice. These are meant for both indoor & outdoor uses. Here are a few more details about this Lighted Deer Family 3 Piece Set at Costco……..

  • 656 Warm White LED Lights
  • Dual Function Lights: Steady On or Twinkling Light
  • Cool to the Touch LED Lights
  • Indoor & Outdoor Use
  • Approximate dimensions: Deer 1: 76″ (L) x 37″ (W), Deer 2: 62″ (L) x 37″ (W), Deer 3: 44″ (L) x 24″ (W)
  • Plug-in adapter, cord length 32′
  • Assembly required
  • Approximate box weight: 38 lbs.

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Costco Lighted LED Deer Family, Set of 3

The set of 2 deer that Costco sold last year had a couple of issues with the power supply. Keep that in mind when purchasing this product, because people had to find 3rd party adapters for these LED deer’s. Not a deal breaker in my mind, because the power supply was under $20. Hopefully that issue is fixed with this years model. These are currently sold on Costco. com, however, it costs $239.99. That’s $70 more for shipping & handling plus tax so I would buy this in store if you can. The box is not that big, so it should be able to fit in most cars. These will sell out, so get them while you can. If you can’t find this in store or want to check out some other HIGHLY RATED alternatives, make sure to check these out…….

Price: $169.99, Item Number: 1487737

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66 thoughts on “Lighted Deer Family 3 Piece Set at Costco, 656 LED’s

  1. Hi. I could found my Power Su polar electric adapters. To put out on my yard this year. Is there a way to buy the power adapters by them self’s.

  2. Just put them up and the fawn’s head is blinking, all lights at the same time. The rest is OK. Anyone know how to fix it?

  3. Does anyone know what size the original box is that this set of 3 came in? I want to pack it up but the original box was thrown away and I don’t want to stab in the dark on the right size to properly store them disassembled. Thank you.

      1. Sounds like a few people have gotten replacement cords for these deer. Check with the email and/or phone number in the directions & you can get a replacement. There are also a few websites that seem to sell parts for items like this.

    1. These usually go on sale early November & they tend to sell out quickly. If you didn’t get them by early December, they will most likely be sold out unless you find the last few stragglers or returns.

    1. thanks for the info. any idea where to get the 3 way splitter. company doesnt have them any longer thanks

    2. Thanks Richard! That should help a few people. With some basic knowledge & a few tools you can easily repair the frayed wires on these deer. That’s a smart idea to go with a heavier gauge cable, so hopefully it prevents any future problems. Thanks for the tip!

    3. Our Power supply got fried, I went to the website you recommended and there are several with the CZJUTAI code. Which one works on the reindeer.


    4. Please advise on exact one you purchased. Our box with all paperwork and cords were thrown away in error. Much appreciated.

  4. One of our wires from the deer was cut and I got through to this company after a few tries. they were very nice! Sending me a replacement in a few days. thanks Tim.

    1. Great! Glad you were able to get a replacement. It’s such an inexpensive part to replace & keep these lighted deer working properly. Thanks for letting us know

  5. The support number is written on the tag on cable assembly. I just discovered by accident while trying to repair.
    Name: Lighted Deer Family with 656 LED Lights, Set of 3
    Itm./Art.: 1487737
    Model: 77-044
    Support Phone: 1-800-833-3390
    Email: [email protected]

    I just called and got through right away, they are shipping me a replacement cable assembly for free in 5-9 business days.

    1. Awesome Tim! Thanks so much for that! It should help a few people out who seem to be having trouble with the power supply to this unit. Thanks a lot for that information. Happy Holidays!

    1. Awesome! Thanks Tim. Do you know for certain this works with the deer family? Did you purchase this one off eBay?

  6. Bought the 3 lighted deer family set, only to find that it is half missing. Bows and power adapters missing for the three deers. What or who should I contact?

    1. Returning them might be your best bet. If that much is missing, who knows what other issues there will be when you do find a power adapter. Did you buy this online or in-store?

  7. I think my plug is broken..they are new and we plugged in but nothing happened…no lights? Could this be something i did wrong in assembly? Please advise

    1. Bumping this comment for anyone who knows. I’ll try to see if my Costco has a display and see if I can locate a button

    1. Hi Madie. We are working on that. This seems to happen every year. I should start a business that strictly sells Costco replacement cords & I’d probably make out like a bandit =)

  8. No phone number or support information was provided with the product. The bracket for the ear on my doe’s head broke off and I have to rig the ear. I would return, but after the assembly and all, I just want that part replaced.

    1. This is one of those products that I don’t think they store parts for. Unfortunately you will either have to return it to the store or deal with the issue you have. Any chance you can use some super glue or gorilla glue to put the piece back together? If you can send me a photos of the bracket, maybe I can come up with some ideas……[email protected]

  9. Does anyone know if you can just find the baby fawn for sale? We are having our second child and bought this set a few years back and id love to just add another fawn to it.

    1. I don’t think you could find the baby fawn for sale. You may be able to find one on Amazon that has it’s own plug. Maybe you could sell your set on Craig’s List & upgrade to the new set. This 3 piece deer set has been pretty popular this year. Let me know what you end up doing. Either way, you have a set for Christmas

      1. If I sell my set and upgrade to another 3 piece set I’d still be missing a second Fawn. Us now being a family of 4 I was hoping to have the set match our family.

        1. I like the idea. You could always get 2 sets of 3 and have 2 more kids to match =). Ha. Maybe you could get a second set of 3 and sell off 2 of the deer to someone who may want extra. You might have to do some wiring, but it shouldn’t be too difficult.

    1. Hi Marian. You can always bring this in directly to Costco. They are very good about returning online purchases in-store. I am surprised they are not working properly, as these have been very popular this season. Can you tell me exactly what the issue is? Are all the lights not working or just 1 or 2 of the deer? Sorry to hear about your struggles. When all else fails, just return it

  10. We bought it this year and the power cord is severed. Where do we find a replacement cord from a third-party seller?

    1. Can you send me up close shots of the power adapter. I would need the specifications for watts / volts as well as a photo of the plug end. Measurements of the plug end would also be very helpful. There is a company called Jameco that I’ve used in the past & they’ve been amazing at finding power supplies for items like this. Send me the info & maybe we can track this down together. [email protected]

      1. Hi – The wires where the 2 pin female connector inserts into the to power supply cord box have completely frayed and became separated from the connector where it’s inserted into the power supply box. Where can I find a replacement? I’ve read about the power supply box having issues but can’t find info. about the actual cord that plugs into the box. Help!!

        1. I think your best bet would be to contact customer service. Hopefully they can send you out a new power unit. If you know somebody handy with soldering or electrical they may be able to repair the power unit. Let me know if they get back to you

          Support Phone: 1-800-833-3390
          Email: [email protected]

  11. Purchased this set few weeks ago and We just assembled them looks like The Bucks head piece/lights aren’t working, seems like a loose wire is the primary issue but I’m not sure (anyways it’s beautiful and a shame I happened to purchase a faulty one smh, is there a warranty??)

    1. Are you handy with electronics. Can you trace the wire to where the light stop working and see if it is damaged? (obviously unplugged). If you are able to find the damaged location you can always use some wire nuts (waterproof or use silicone) to repair the connection. Hopefully it’s a simple fix. Otherwise you can always return them to Costco or exchange

    1. This seems to be a problem every year. They really should sell spare parts, because the power cord always seems to stop working or get damaged. Was there a phone number from inside the box to call for parts? If that doesn’t work can you send me a photo of where you plug it in. It should give a volts / watts rating & you may be able to purchase one from online. It may take some sluething to figure out. If you can, send the photos to [email protected]

    1. It all depends on how much wind / snow you get. I’m sure they can blow over if the wind is strong enough. If you’re worried, grab a couple of stakes and tie them down with some rope. There are plenty of ways to keep them from falling over. Hope that helps

    2. There are large and small stakes to hold the deer in place. They provide enough to secure each leg. Thus I believe they would be difficult to blow over.

      1. Great! Thanks for the tip. There are several ways you could secure the deer, but the stakes are probably the easiest. Some twine might help as well. Thanks for chiming in!

    1. I believe if you purchased these on they had an option to pay for assembly. If you already purchased them your best bet would be to pay for a service or find someone on Craigslist to assemble them for you. Maybe a neighbor with a teenager or young adult would happily do it for you. Can never hurt to ask. Maybe the holiday spirit will kick in and they’ll do it for free =). Hope that helps

    1. I don’t know when they will stock each store, but these were in stock about a month ago & they are starting to disappear. If you haven’t seen them yet I’m afraid you may not see them. Keep checking your local store frequently & see if they pop up on Hope that helps

    1. These were on the shelves for about a month, but the stock has dwindled quickly. I frequent 4 Costco’s in my area & I want to say only 1 of them still had these in stock. These are VERY popular every year & usually sell quickly. Keep checking to see if they will stock them. I’ll keep my eyes out next time I go. Good luck. Hope you find them

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