Weber Genesis II S-345 Stainless Steel 3 Burner Gas Grill

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Summer is here! Just like the Traeger Mesa 22 Smoker, this is another one of those products that I can’t wait to purchase. Right now I’ve got an inexpensive (I would say cheap, but the thing has been GREAT) Char-Broil Classic 360 3-burner BBQ that I got at Amazon a while ago. The only reason I’m not pulling the trigger on this BBQ is because I need to redo my backyard & I want this BBQ to be the finishing touch. Less about my BBQ issues & more about this BBQ……..

This Weber has a standard 3 burner gas grill with the included side burner. That side burner is so convenient for sauteing or keeping foods warm (beans, chili, etc). It’s got a beautiful stainless steel finish which I much prefer over the matte black. The best part about this grill, that seems to get rave reviews, is the iGrill 3 thermometer. With your iPhone or Android, you can check the temperature of your meat with these WiFi probes. It frees you up to prep & allows you to keep the lid closed for all you “don’t let the heat out” BBQ fanatics. Here are a few other notable features……

  • 60,000 Total BTU’s
  • iGrill 3 included (comes with 4 probes)
  • 10 Year Warranty
  • Cover Included (Trust me! You want this!)
  • Side Burner & Sear Station
  • Lighted Control Knobs
  • No Natural Gas Conversion Kit Available (Propane Only)

With the 10 year warranty, this grill is hard to beat. Only thing that could make it better would be a Costco Coupon. If you can wait, I would wait, because I’m sure this thing will go on sale. The current reviews on Costco website are 4.7/5 with 550 reviews. Below are a few links to do more research on a similar Weber BBQ & items. I have included the links to the Weber Genesis II-335 (doesn’t come with iGrill 3), link to the iGrill 3 which has good reviews on Amazon & a link to the Weber Genesis II S-345 manual………..

Price: $999.99, Item: 1318214

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4 thoughts on “Weber Genesis II S-345 Stainless Steel 3 Burner Gas Grill

    1. So I did a little research. Weber doesn’t officially endorse any conversion kits & it’s probably because they don’t want to open themselves up to lawuits/complaints. If you already own this BBQ & want to convert it, you can buy the conversion kit for the genesis ii 345 on Search for the Natural Gas (NG) Conversion Kit For Weber Genesis II S-345 (Costco). There are no reviews, but it may be worth a shot. Please let me know if you end up converting it!

        1. Nice! Please do! I’d be curious how it works out since Weber doesn’t officially endorse it. I always like going Macgyver on a product to make it do what you want. I hope it works great. Let us know!

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