Welcome to Costco Fan! It’s really simple……..I am a Costco Fan! My wife & I go to Costco several times a week & I always come home excited about something “new” I found. Basically, I just want to share it with the world (or just a couple of people). Even though Costco is known for carrying the basics, they are always stocking new & seasonal items on the floor. I find myself walking through almost every aisle, even though I may only have a grocery list of 5 items. It feels like I find something new every time I go & that’s what I want to share. Anytime we travel (which wasn’t at all for 2020) I always try to find the nearest Costco. They always carry different items at different Costco’s & I like seeing the items local to the area. Specifically, we went to Hawaii a few years back & the Costco was loaded with a bunch of surf/Hawaiian gear. It was awesome! Anyways I just wanted to shar my finds as well as some simple recipes using Costco food. With a little one at home we are looking for 3 things…….easy, cheap & healthy! That pretty much sums up our Costco trips.

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