Costco Big Joe Pool Float, Noodle Sling Floatie

Costco sells this Big Joe Pool Float for $19.99. Scroll down for photos. This is another one of Costco’s popular pool items. This was the first time this season I saw this noodle sling for sale & there were only a handful left in the bin. The Big Joe brand is a popular brand & this is one of their most popular items. The nice thing about this float is the ability to sit in the water while floating around. It’s like sitting in a chair with your head above water. I’ve been on some of the old floats, where you’re on top of the float outside the water. It gets hot real quick. This is a great way to stay cool & casually float around the pool. Here are a few more details about this Costco Big Joe Pool Float……..

  • Brand: Big Joe
  • Built in Seat
  • UV & Mildew Resistant
  • Convenient Drink Holder
  • Premium Mesh Fabric
  • Cover Made in China, Filled & Finished in USA

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Big Joe Poo Float Costco, Noodle Sling with Built in Seat

What better way to float around the pool then cruising around in this float. It’s even got a drink holder for you to store your beverage. This is a seasonal item from Costco so make sure to buy it if you see it. They don’t currently sell them on They only sell the Big Joe Pool Petz 2-pack (Item Number: 1524138). Those seem to be geared towards kids/children, while this is an adult item. These were located with all the other outdoor items in the middle of my Costco. If you can’t find these at Costco, make sure to check out the other HIGHLY RATED Big Joe items……..

Price: $19.99, Item Number: 1360239

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6 thoughts on “Costco Big Joe Pool Float, Noodle Sling Floatie

  1. I had the same issue. Maybe it works better for kids but the front end of mine would sink, and it always felt like I was falling forward. It needs a more stable front arm to stay above the water. I’m taking mine back to Costco.

    1. They’ve got a new model at Costco this year. They may have improved on the design I haven’t personally looked at them so I’ll try to check next time I go

  2. Hi, the front part of mine sinks. I’ve also tried it on a child and it’s the same. The drink holders do not stay above the water then. Is this how it is supposed to work?

    1. Any chance it has to do with the way the person is leaning into the noodle sling. I’ve floated around on these before without issue, but I can’t remember having a drink in one of them. I just remember having my head above water with ease. Is it possible there isn’t enough stuffing inside the Big Joe? Let me know if you figure it out or plan on returning

      1. They have what appears to be a new model on the shelf this year. Wonder if it is new and improved. Sorry for the bad experience. I always found these to be fairly easy to float on

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