Costco Bone Broth, Organic Chicken Broth by Roli Roti

I was so excited to see bone broth carried by Costco! It’s organic too! Here we have Costco bone broth made by the company Roli Roti. Surprisingly it is a small food truck company with 6 food trucks that created it’s first retail product…….Butcher’s Bone Broth. They are local to the Bay Area, CA and it’s quite impressive they were able to score a contract with Costco. We frequently purchase this 2 pack & use it a lot in cooking or drink it straight up. It’s freshly made, organic & a great way to add protein to your meal.

Costco Bone Broth

Bone broth has some significant health benefits. It’s highly nutritious, rich in vitamins and minerals, and supposed to be great for the joints. It’s also know to aid in weight loss & be great for the digestive system. Best of all, this bone broth is organic & keto friendly. Here’s a few more details about this product…….

  • Organic Chicken Bone Broth
  • 2 Pack, 24 ounces each
  • USA Organic & Keto certified
  • 12 grams of protein per serving, 0 grams carbohydrates
  • Made with ONLY 3 ingredients: Filtered Water, Organic Chicken, Organic Carrots

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I highly recommend giving this a try. Most of the time I just pour it into a cup and sip it. It’s tasty and filling. Seeing as this is local to California it may not be at your local Costco. Please check out these “to go” bone broth packets on Amazon…….

Price: $8.99, Item Number: 1189684

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10 thoughts on “Costco Bone Broth, Organic Chicken Broth by Roli Roti

  1. I wish I could post positive results regarding the Kirkland Bone Broth, the fact is that while sipping the broth several thick pieces of (I don’t know what) ended up in my mouth causing me to gag.
    I am so upset and I will inform the company. Have photos of it as well. I did shake the carton prior pouring the broth into a cup. Disgusted to say the least. It made me think what are we really sipping?

    1. Thanks for the comment. Are you referring to the boxed Kirkland Bone Broth or this Roli Roti Bone Broth. I have found this specific bone broth to be very gelatinous when cold, but have never had chunks in the broth. Did it taste rotten or foul smelling or was it the chunks only? I wouldn’t be that concerned until it tasted different. Maybe that’s because I made my own bone broth this year & had some pieces still left behind. Anyways, thanks for the comment

  2. The Costco in Winston Salem NC. Had it. I loved it. But they don’t carry it anymore. Don’t carry monk fruit anymore either.

    1. Ya…it’s been hit or miss at my store too! I believe that it will come back for sale soon. I know Costco also sells the “Pacific Foods Organic Bone Broth”. It’s good but it’s not quite the same. If you can’t find the Roti Roti, see if you can find the Pacific Foods one. It’s good too. Thanks for the comment

  3. It is gelatanous, just what I was looking for! Glad that costco carries it. I’ll buy it every week!

    1. It really is! I couldn’t believe how thick it was the first time I opened it. I’ve been warming it up in a mug and just drinking it plain lately. It’s filling and keeps me from snacking on chips or something unhealthy. Glad you enjoy it & it’s in stock

    1. Yes. I shop at 3 – 4 different Costco’s in the Bay Area. I always see this in stock. It is in the refrigerated section with the other pre-packaged foods. It is usually located somewhere near the Kibun Healthy Noodle which is another popular product. Matter of fact, I just had some bone broth today & it was great. It’s always good on a rainy day

  4. This company is local to where we live. I’ve been purchasing their chicken at the Farmer’s Market for years! They also sell an amazing Carnitas which is in a vacuum packed bag and frozen-very tasty. I save the skin and bone and make my own bone broth. Both are amazing products!

    1. Carnitas? No way! That’s gotta be tasty. I have only seen the Bone Broth by this company. If I ever do see the Carnitas at Costco I’ll be sure to buy it. Lucky you to have them close by. Thanks for the comment!

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