Costco Folding Wagon, Mac Sports XL Folding Wagon

Costco sells this Mac Sports XL Folding Wagon for $69.99. Scroll down for photos. This is a great item to have if you’ve got kids. You can throw all their toys in it & haul it down to the park, beach, or wherever you like. It is a sturdy, heavy duty wagon that can carry up to 300 pounds! You can even throw you’re kids in it & it wouldn’t be a problem. If you take a look at the photos, you can see they come with the bigger wheels. This allows you to get over rough terrain or through the sand. For BBQ’s or outdoor events you can use this to bring EVERYTHING in 1 shot. It’s much better than trying to figure out who is going to carry what item. Here are a few more details about this Costco Folding Wagon…….

  • Mac Sports XL Folding Wagon
  • Cargo Net Included
  • Folds Easily
  • 300 Pound Weight Capacity
  • All-Terrain Wheels
  • Drink Holders and Accessory Pouch
  • Comfort Grip Handle
  • No Assembly Required

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Costco Mac Sports XL Folding Wagon

The best part about this cart is that it folds up nicely. You can leave it in your trunk at all times & it won’t take up much room. They are currently selling it on Costco’s website for $79.99. That’s $10 for shipping so save $10 by buying it in store. People love it because it’s got a 4.7/5 star review on Costco’s website. There are several HIGHLY RATED model to choose from on Amazon as well. They even have Mac Sports wagons in different colors. Here are a few of the HIGHEST RATED ones that you must check out before purchasing this one…….

Price: $69.99, Item Number: 1327296

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10 thoughts on “Costco Folding Wagon, Mac Sports XL Folding Wagon

    1. This was in the Bay Area, CA. They are all over the shelves again so grab them if you see it. These are always popular and well built. I want to say the price is $89.99 at my local Costco. I’ll have to double check but it’s definitively gone up since inflation hit

  1. Hello, i couldn’t find the link to order this wagon. Can you please direct towards the link. Thank you in advance.

    1. These are currently found in-store & If you go to just search for the term “Mac Sports” & you should find the Mac Sports XL Folding Wagon with Cargo Net, Gray, Item Number: 1327296 for $79.99. Hope that helps!

  2. Can anyone please tell me can this wagon’s wheels be locked when assembled and when it’s folded flat,

    1. No, unfortunately there is no way to lock the wheels on this particular model. It’s mentioned a few times in the reviews & seems to be one of the complaints. It would be a great feature to add, because people already love this wagon! Thanks for the question

  3. Have you used it at the beach, specifically on loose sand? I have a similar one and was very difficult to pull on loose sand.

    1. Ya. Those wheels are too small for loose sand. It’s a lot more pulling than rolling, especially if you have it loaded. If you check out my first link in the post above, you will see the wheels are bigger & will provide a better experience rolling across the sand. This is a problem MANY of these wagons have, so the strategy is probably to try and find the shortest path to where you’re going or stay on a hard surface or damp sand

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