Costco Lego Advent Calendar, Harry Potter or Star Wars

Costco continues to have an assortment of Lego’s. It seems like Costco is constantly changing which assortment they carry according to what’s popular. In April we saw the Costco Lego Easter Assortment Nature Glamping, Fire Truck, Spider Jet. In the summer they had the Costco Lego City Research Shuttle, Frozen II Else Jewelry Box & Star Wars Pasaana Speeder. Now during the holiday season they carry the Costco Lego Advent Calendar assortment. You can get the advent calendar in 2 different types of Lego’s. It comes in Harry Potter or Star Wars. With these 2 options, you’re almost guaranteed to please any kid. You could also go with the Costco Lego Classic Big Box 1500 Piece Set, which I have seen year around. Scroll down for photos to get a closer look at the boxes. Here are a few more details about this product……..

  • Lego Number: 75981 – Harry Potter Advent Calendar
  • Lego Number: 75279 – Star Wars Advent Calendar
  • Age Range is 6+ to 7+ depending on which box you choose
  • There are 24 doors revealing gifts behind each door
  • Harry Potter = 335 pieces, Star wars = 311 pieces

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Costco Lego Advent Calendar Assortment

These are great gifts just to grab now & have readily available for any last minute gifts for kids. At most big box stores (Target, Walmart, Kohls, etc.) they sell for between $35 – $40. You can grab them at Costco for only $29.99. It’s hours of fun for the kids putting together over 300 pieces. If you have time for shipping & you’re not a fan of Star Wars or Harry Potter, make sure to check out the following links for all the other Lego Advent Calendars. Costco just carries the 2 most popular in this case. There are PLENTY MORE LEGO ADVENT CALENDAR’S TO CHOOSE FROM……….

Price: $29.99, Item Number: 2188812

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