Costco Organic Spinach

Here is Organic Spinach from Costco being sold for $3.99. You can’t beat this price!! Almost every store has this size box or smaller for a minimum of $5. We eat about 2-3 of these boxes a week. This is a 16oz. (1 pound) box that we use it in salads, shakes, omelets, or just straight out of the box. My wife uses this in a lot of our kids food. She like to steam fruits & veggies into a puree & have them ready to go for our kids snacks. Our kid is now 2 & has been eating these puree’s since around 6 months. Don’t forget to check the bottom for water & wilted leaves before you buy. Quick Tip: To make this box last longer, put a paper towel inside to soak up the moisture.

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