Costco’s Kirkland Signature Nitrile Exam Gloves

Update 8/9/2020: Costco Gloves back in stock!!

Costco gloves are back in stock!! Check out my post here……..Costco Gloves, Vulcan Nitrile Powder Free M, L, XL

With coronavirus (COVID-19) in full swing, these items have become very popular. They are generally sold out or hard to find, so if you do see nitrile gloves at Costco, I highly recommend picking up a box or 2 (scroll down for photos). I am a big fan of the minimum thickness of 3.8 mil because of the lower probability of tearing. I use these for cooking & wiping diapers 90% of the time and they hold up fairly well. If I were to wear them outside I don’t think they would last very long unless you are being very careful. I still think these would be great for the average wearer, but if you can buy a thicker mil for safety, I would.

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Costco Nitrile Gloves, Original Post:

Not the most exciting post in the world, BUT these are a favorite of mine. I use them ALL THE TIME from handling beef, chicken, veggies or whether I’m making my own peanut butter. You can use them to clean around the house or tinker with electronics when you don’t want the oil from your skin to contaminate sensitive electronics. I use them to change the oil & transmission fluid in my vehicles & they stand up to the job without tearing. Best of all is they are FSA eligible! If you take a look at your Costco receipt you will see your FSA purchases on the bottom of the receipt. I was able to reimburse myself for this purchase with my FSA account (Flexible Spending Account). This made the purchase a little cheaper (paying with pretax dollars).

Costco Gloves Pricing

At first glance, they may not seem cheaper than Amazon, but when comparing similar quality/thickness they are much cheaper. At 3.8 mil thickness, they are thicker than your average gloves and you get 2 x 200 count boxes. I’d say wait for them to go on sale if you want a screaming deal. You can pick up the 2 x 200 count boxes for $19.99.

Price: $19.99, Item: 467130 (Large), 467120 (Medium), 467110 (Small)

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28 thoughts on “Costco’s Kirkland Signature Nitrile Exam Gloves

  1. Went to my local warehouse yesterday after reading this thread and finding out I could possibly find them at the store. I called the day before and the guy told me they had some but only in medium (thankfully the size I use) and that they were &30. I asked if there was still a limit and was originally told no, but when I went to the store and grabbed three boxes I went to pay and they said I could only get one (as mentioned here). I was kinda confused because there wasn’t a sign saying this and I read the price tag which also said nothing about the limit and the manager didn’t believe me, but I was able to get at least two and said I would come back today to try and get another one. It’s strange because they’re not on the website anymore so you basically have to call ahead to find out if they have any or just take your chances and try to find them, but if there’s still a limit they should try their best to say so as clearly as possible. I just hope they go back down in price once the demand goes back down for them.

    1. You’re right Andrew. I saw these the other day at my Costco as well. I did not see a “limit” on the tag. I even looked up some nitrile gloves on Costco Business for delivery. They also did not have a limit. I wonder if they haven’t changed it in their system, so maybe when they scan the item, it gets flagged as a “limit” item. Either way, the price of these has gone up from $19.99 to $29.99. I expect them to come down in price over time as COVID begins to wane & these don’t fly off the shelves like they used to. Thanks for stopping by & leaving a comment

  2. I have a buyer who has 4.5M-5M dollars for an immediate fill for the following gloves with a price point between $8.00-10.00 / 100 (below 9.00 is preferred). This is solely a proof of concept and validation of a supply train for a larger order to the VA. The gloves they are looking for are: Cranberry Transends, Cardinal Flexal, Hartalega (Paloma/Coats), Ansell Mirco-touch, KC 500’s. Possibilities are: NVI Medic, MSCS, Hongray, and Best Safe. They cannot take Superieur, Synmax, or Wellmar. If you have a supplier with 100-200K boxes of those gloves for an immediate sale please let me know. I’ve seen their BCL for the last seller who crashed at the finish line.

    If you believe you can fill this please feel free to call me.


    Larry A. Wilske

    Master Chief (SEAL) USN, Ret’d

    President, The Makenzie Group, LLC

    (619) 519-0659

    1. Unfortunately I don’t have much information for you on that. I am just blogging about Costco’s deals. This sounds like something you will have to find a supplier for. Good luck

    1. I’m not sure of their source. If it’s not on the box it may be difficult to find out. I’ll see if I have any old boxes laying around

    2. If I had to take a guess I’d say they’re possibly from Halyard Health (fka Kimberly-Clark). They’re practically identical to their Sterling Nitrile gloves which also come packed 200 in a box so I wouldn’t be surprised if they also manufactured these as well.

      1. I think that’s a great guess Andrew. It’s easy to spot the similarities of Costco items to the manufacturer if you know what to look for. Thanks for the comment. Appreciate it

  3. I was at my local Costco yesterday. The Kirkland Signature Nitrile Exam Gloves size Large were available with a limit of one.

    To my surprise the price increased to $29.99. That’s a 50% increase since the last time I saw them in stock. Wouldnt that be considered price gouging? Disappointed in Costco, I could see a couple dollar increase but 10 dollars a box?

    1. That’s odd. I saw them recently & I want to say they were $19.99 still. I may have been mistaken though. I’ll take a look next time I see them. The only thing I can think of is the manufacturer probably raised the price on Costco, so they were forced to raise their price. I’m sure there is price gouging somewhere along the supply chain, but I’m going to give Costco the benefit of the doubt on this one.

    2. I agree. I’m a nurse and do home visits on the side and have always paid $19.95 for 2×200 count boxes. They have never wavered in price. FYI been. Nurse for 14 years. Hope no one has family that needs to be cared for at home. I’m very disappointed with Costco and the Kirkland brand as they have the same item on Amazon for $95. Wow!!! I wish this was more widely publicized. Glad I found this.

      1. Costco is not selling these on Amazon for $95. Someone is purchasing them from Costco & selling them for $95. Yes, it’s outrageous, but people have been purchasing items from Costco and re-selling them a lot during this pandemic. I notice that the workout equipment seems to be snapped up quickly & re-sold on Craigslist or eBay. Its unfortunate, but that’s almost impossible for Costco to regulate.

    3. Wow… That’s cool in your city and area. I alway seen that out of stock. Never show up at the display. I was forced to purchase on eBay at over $50 per box.

      1. That’s unfortunate. $50 a box on eBay is absurd. Someone is price gouging. Hopefully Costco will start to have these in stock regularly. I saw them several weeks ago, but have not seen them since. Thanks for the comment

    4. I was shocked to the increase amount of the nitrile gloves sold at Costco for $19.99 has increased to $29.99. I agree over 50% increase!

      1. Ya, I only saw this model of latex gloves on the shelves once. I can;t remember exactly what the price was, but I think it was $19.99 for 1 box not 2. I’ll be on the lookout for the KS brand gloves to see what the price is. I’m guessing it’s not Costco setting this price & it’s the manufacturer. Costco is most likely taking their “normal” cut, but I can’t be sure.

  4. Why did Costco take the Kirkland nitrile gloves out of their online website or If you search for Nitrile gloves you get no matches were found and the store mgr does not know but says they get them once in a while and quickly disappear. Why are they available from others at 4 times the Costco price? where are they getting them that Costco cant.

    1. People must be buying them at Costco & re-selling. It’s a very common thing unfortunately. I have seen the Kirkland brand gloves regularly at Costco. I have purchased a couple boxes recently. I hadn’t seen them in months, but they seem to regularly show up at my Costco now. I haven’t seen them online either so they are probably in short supply. I would just keep checking your local Costco until they show up. They also carry the Vulcan brand too so look for those as well. Sometimes they’re in the automotive section.

    1. Unfortunately I have not seen these in store in a long time. They currently carry the Vulcan brand gloves & even those have been hard to come by. They are usually on the list of sold out items. I don’t expect to see the Kirkland Signature Brand gloves for a while now. When they do come in stock I’ll be sure to post it. The other option is to check out some of the Amazon links above. You’ll pay a little more, but Amazon seems to have several brands in stock now

  5. I currently purchase gloves powder free nitrile for $24.99 box of 250 can you make a deal that meets that?

    1. I can sell $10.95/box of 100. My minimum order should be 1m box.Please let me know your interest. Shahan Choudhury. 469-688-5758cell

  6. Good morning, I am in need of gloves ASAP and I want to buy if as possible 4 packages because I need to take care my wound with gloves and not having any please contact me.

  7. I would like to buy 4 packs of Kirkland signature nitrile exam gloves size Medium at Costco,to wear for covic 19,i really i need it,if you can you same me to my address 2_67 Saddle River Road,Fairlawn NJ 07410,Thank you very much.

  8. I would like to buy 4 pack Kirkland signature nitrile exam gloves size medium at Costco to wear for covic-19 if you have you can ship to my address 8310 North Peyton way WestHills,CA 91304 please I really need them size large it is too big for me to wear I just want to buy size medium only thank you very much

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