Costco Camping Cot, Cascade Mountain Tech Oversized Cot

Costco sells this USDA Forest Service Camping Cot for $49.99. Scroll down for photos. I haven’t seen a cot like this at Costco for a while now. If this is something you’re interested in you better buy it now because this will sell out quick. I owned a Costco cot like this about 20 years ago & it was fantastic! I would take it with me on weekend getaways when traveling in college & sleep comfortably anywhere. It was easy to setup / breakdown & was way more comfortable than sleeping on a floor or couch. It’s great for camping because it packs light & sets up easy. Unlike an airbed, this doesn’t require a blower, just a little bit of strength to get the ends in. Here are a few more details about this Costco Cascade Mountain Tech Camping Cot……

  • Brand: Cascade Mountain Tech
  • Color: Black
  • Includes: Heavy Duty Storage bag
  • Product Dimensions Packed: 101 cm L x 10cm W x 18cm H/ 39.7in L x 3.9in W x 7in H
  • Product Dimensions setup: 199 cm L x 104cm W x 44.5cm H / 78.5in L x 41in W x 17.5in H
  • Sleep Dimension: 199.39 cm x 76.2 cm/ 78.5 in x 30 in
  • Carry weight: 9.3 kg / 20.53 lbs.
  • Weight Capacity: 136 kg / 300 lbs.

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Costco Cascade Mountain Tech Fully Collapsible Oversized Camping Cot

Cascade Mountain Tech has put out some great products and this is another one. I had a co-worker who purchased one and we tested it out. It was sturdy, well built & looks like it will last a long time. It’s oversized for the taller / bigger individuals out there & can take up to 300 pounds. currently sells this online for the same price of $49.99, so if it’s not in store get it online for the same price! The biggest complaint was people didn’t like the bars that stuck out of the ends. You can see what I mean in the photos. Other than that it got some pretty good reviews with a 4.4 / 5 and almost 80 reviews. If you want to check out some other HIGHLY RATING camping cots, make sure to take a look at these…….

Price: $49.99, Item Number: 2622109

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12 thoughts on “Costco Camping Cot, Cascade Mountain Tech Oversized Cot

    1. Good question. I don’t know the answer to that. I had a cot just like this & the bars did not stick out that far. The only thing I can think of is maybe they were designed for something to hang off of, but they would have mentioned that as a feature if that was the case. Maybe someone else can chime in who knows why. Sorry I couldn’t be of more help

  1. We just bought two of the cots. We can’t get the second cross bar in place due to the tight stretch of the canvas. Any suggestions?

    1. They can be tough to stretch. Try doing it in a different order or find a big strong person to get it in place.

    2. Yes. Assembled one a hour ago. The instructions state when it can be tough but it’ll loose up. I just turner it on end and pulled Harper. It’ll go. Good luck.

  2. Would like to get several of these, can’t find any stores that have them. Anyone know of a Costco in in the salt lake area that has them?

    1. These are still on the shelves in some Costco’s. The pile was dwindling though so I am not sure if they will be re-stocking. They don’t currently carry this brand online, but do carry a few others. This brand “Mountain Tech” is pretty popular and they put out some good products. You can always ask an employee to look up the item number if that helps

  3. Thanks for the recommendation. As my wife and I prepare for the Texas MS 150 Bike ride. We needed 2 cots for the overnight stay in Lagrange,TX. I been comparing this one to the Teton and debating if I wanted to spend over 300 dollars on 2 cots with a pivot arm. After reading this review and analyzing the cots youtube setup videos,I am running back to Costco in the morning to pick up 2 Cascade Mountain Tech cots for 100 dollars.

    1. Awesome! Let me know how you like them. Costco has also got a few other camping products to go with right now. Check them out! There is a small portable table, small & portable inflatable mattress that you could probably use on top of the cot. Hopefully you’re Costco has them all. Good luck! & let me know if you find them

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