Costco Christopher Ranch Colossal Garlic 2 lb Bag

Christopher Ranch garlic is some of the best garlic around. We are spoiled here in Nothern California to have Gilroy so close where this garlic is grown. I don’t know how many Costco’s carry this stuff but if they do, I highly recommend you pick up a bag. 2 pounds is a lot of garlic so it does last a very long time. We normally can’t get through an entire bag but we sure do get close. We use it in all our cooking……dressings, rice, beans, marinades, garlic bread, etc. I would have to say that my favorite way is in dressings.

If you’re a garlic lover, you have got to try my Caesar Dressing Recipe. Load it up with garlic & you’ll be repelling your significant other in no time! The bag is only $5.49 which comes out to $2.74 a pound. I think the normally grocery stores (Safeway, Vons, Albertsons, etc) sells heads of garlic for around $1/head, which is WAY TOO EXPENSIVE. Grab a bag & let me know how you use it!

Price: $5.49, Item: 25949

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