Costco Christopher Ranch Colossal Garlic 2 lb Bag

Christopher Ranch garlic is some of the best garlic around. We are spoiled here in Nothern California to have Gilroy so close where this garlic is grown. I don’t know how many Costco’s carry this stuff but if they do, I highly recommend you pick up a bag. 2 pounds is a lot of garlic so it does last a very long time. We normally can’t get through an entire bag but we sure do get close. We use it in all our cooking……dressings, rice, beans, marinades, garlic bread, etc. I would have to say that my favorite way is in dressings.

If you’re a garlic lover, you have got to try my Caesar Dressing Recipe. Load it up with garlic & you’ll be repelling your significant other in no time! The bag is only $5.49 which comes out to $2.74 a pound. I think the normally grocery stores (Safeway, Vons, Albertsons, etc) sells heads of garlic for around $1/head, which is WAY TOO EXPENSIVE. Grab a bag & let me know how you use it!

Price: $5.49, Item: 25949

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4 thoughts on “Costco Christopher Ranch Colossal Garlic 2 lb Bag

  1. Costco vegetables and fruits watched out. I bought Maxican beans within a two days it was rotten. All cheapest vegetable are in Costco not healthy for us.
    Quebec Vegetable and fruits are the best.

    1. Thanks Nazneen. I generally find Costco fruits and vegetables to be great. Sometimes they have a few rotten items on the shelves, but it’s not too often. Always check the apples though before purtchasing

  2. We got the advertised Kerrygold butter and this bag of garlic on Nov 21,turned out not so fresh, quite a few rotten pieces in there, the date tag was Oct 6, 2021, which we only found out after starting to peel them after getting home …

    Please look at the date and check freshness when you pick a bag

    1. Thanks for the tip. Ya, we have the same issue with the garlic going bad too. We can’t use it fast enough. The problem is we use enough, where it’s still cheaper to buy this bag than it is to buy 1 – 2 garlic heads at a time. Thanks for the tip. At least I can get a few more weeks out of the garlic if I can get it a little fresher.

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