Costco Digital Picture Frame, Aura 10.1″ Frame

I found this Costco Digital Picture Frame the other day for $159.99. This is a new product for Costco this year & is just in time for the holidays. As Costco shoppers buy decorations for the holidays, this picture frame is wonderful to have streaming family photos for a party. I found this in the electronics section. It was near the section that carries thumb drives, surge protectors & computer monitors. This would be a wonderful gift as well. I purchased an item like this 10 years ago as a gift. I believe you had to load photos onto an SD Card & it was limited to those files. These new frames are LOADED with features, hence the price. It’s really nicely packaged as well. Here are a few more details about this Costco Digital Picture Frame……

  • 10.1″ Digital Picture Frame w/ WiFi
  • HD Display
  • Unlimited Photo Storage
  • Interactive Touch bar
  • Brightness Auto Adjusts
  • Free Aura App included with Purchase

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Costco Digital Photo Frame, Aura 10.1″ Screen

As I mentioned above, this would be a great gift. With the country & world in the middle of the pandemic, families will not be getting together like they used to. If we can’t be with our families during the holidays, it would be nice to see a scrolling screen of them for the next several weeks. This digital frame can hold unlimited photos. So load your frame with thousands of photos & relieve some of the good old days during the holidays. It is a high quality frame & the packaging makes it feel expensive. It’s in the price range of similar digital frames, but this will probably be of a higher quality. If you want to do a little comparison shopping, make sure to check out these highly rated frames on Amazon. They even have the LARGE 15.6 INCH SCREEN……..

Price: $159.99, Item Number: 1464230

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