Costco Food Should Taste This Good Multigrain Chips

Hands down, these are our favorite chips!! Now let me start off by saying that we are not a Lay’s or Doritos household. We try to eat pretty healthy so we always trying to find a healthy alternative to standard chips. We snag these every time we go to Costco. As you can see from the unbelievably low price of $3.99, we grabbed 3 bags. They’re the perfect mid-afternoon snack to go with guacamole, salsa, or even some Bitchin’ Chipotle Sauce. They’re all-natural, gluten free, vegan, low sodium, certified kosher, cholesterol free, no MSG, no trans fat, no artificial colors or flavors & they come packed with 18 grams of whole grains! If I’m not eating my Cheddar Hippeas, I’m crushing these chips

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14 thoughts on “Costco Food Should Taste This Good Multigrain Chips

  1. These chips Now appear to be out of stock in Wilsonville,OR

    I wish they would bring them back.

    1. They always go in and out of stock at my Costco. Wait a few weeks or months and you’ll probably see them back in stock. Keep checking

  2. Best chips ever! My local Costco also hasn’t had them in a few months, so I have to settle for smaller bags at the local grocery stores. I could also eat them with hummus for an entire meal. There was a short stint of maybe 6 months where the ones Costco was selling had a very bland flavor and were much flatter than normal. I stuck through it and they came out good again eventually. Not sure why, but was glad they eventually came back to their original flavor. 1-2 extra bags is not enough. Need to have a dedicated shelf in the basement once they show up again. 🙂

    1. Haha! glad you like them as much as I do. Some people complained that they were a little to plain for their liking. I can understand if you are used to eating Doritos / Lay’s. That is one of my favorite snacks….these chips and hummus. I just saw them stocked again at my Costco (Northern California), so keep your eye out. They also go on sale to so that’s where I stock up! Thanks for stopping by

      1. You were right, we had them on sale a month or so ago and I’m already finished with the 4 bags I got. Of course they’re not in stock now, so I’ll have to settle for the bag of Kirkland branded chips for now.

        1. Haha! Ya, we always grab 3 – 4 bags when they go on sale. The Kirkland Branded ones are not a bad alternate to have either!

    1. Ya, these are seasonal. They are hit or miss at my Costco as well. We always try to get 1 – 2 extra bags when we go, ESPECIALLY when they go on sale. Sorry and hope you find them soon

    1. Thank you! We love these chips too. Still a regular purchase in our household. We always end up trying the new “healthier” chips that Costco carries, but we always end up coming back to this one. Sometimes I’ll eat this and Sabra Pine Nut Hummus for an entire meal. Thanks for stopping by Dorothy!

  3. Among the worst tasting chips I have eaten. Tastes like cardboard. Tried them with Heluva Good French Onion Dip, and they were still no better. Packaging looks great, very enticing, but can’t stomach the product. It will be landfill fodder, as I will toss out almost the full bag. Shameful that Costco carries this product.

    1. Sorry to disagree Jay, but we love these chips. We like them for what they are which is a healthier alternative to Lay’s / Doritos. They don’t have as much salt so that is why they probably taste a little bland to you. We like to eat them with Bitchin Sauce or Costco Hummus. We grab them every time they are on sale. Which Costco chips do you like?

    2. Sorry Jay, I have to respectfully disagree as well. The flavor of these is so full and complex. The sea salt is the perfect addition to all the different grains in these chips. I will admit, there was a short time where the flavor was missing, the chips were physically flatter, and admittedly they were a bit like cardboard. I was pretty disappointed thinking it was a new formulation. This was in the later months of 2021, so I hope that’s not when you tried them. I would give it another go and see what you think. If you don’t want the massive bag, pick one up at another local grocery store, they have them all over, in much smaller bags. Salsa, hummus, or just good plain. (Seriously, I eat them plain every now and then.)

      1. Thanks for sharing! We still eat these chips regularly. I am a hummus guy & will eat chips and hummus for an entire meal. They sit will with my stomach too. I recommend these to everyone that is looking for a Doritos or Lays alternative. Thanks for the comment

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