Costco Infinity Boss Three Women’s Comfort Bike

Costco sells this Infinity Boss Three Women’s Bike for $219.99. Scroll down for photos. About 3 months ago Costco had the Infinity Boss Three Hybrid Bike for sale & it is very popular. A lot of people were looking for it & it was sold out in a lot of Costco’s. Now Infinity has put out this women’s version of their Boss Three Bike. This just went up at my local Costco, because I go 2 -3 times per week & this was the first time I saw it. It’s the same price as the hybrid bike from before at $219.99. It states it’s a “women’s” bike, but honestly, if your a guy & it’s comfortable, buy it! If you’re looking for an affordable, comfortable bike to cruise around, this will work just fine. Here are a few more details about this Costco Infinity Boss Three Women’s Bike……..

  • Brand: Infinity Boss Three Women’s Comfort Bike
  • Frame: 700c x 17″ Aluminum
  • Steel Rigid Blade Fork
  • Shimano: 7 Speed Rear
  • 700c Double Wall Alloy Rim
  • Alloy V – Brakes
  • Alloy Brake Levers
  • Derailleur, Twist Shafter
  • Rear Rack & Fenders

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Costco Infinity Boss Three Womens / Ladies Comfort Bike

I went to the Infinity website to try and gather more information about this bike. They have a model from 2019 (looks exactly the same) with a little more information about it, but no ability to purchase. They don’t seem to have a user manual either or else I would post it. I would normally be a little skeptical since the website seems unfinished, but the other bike was so popular at Costco, I’m inclined to believe this is a good bike. If you’re wife or girlfriend is into biking this would be a great gift. Mother’s Day is right around the corner so keep that in mind. Costco doesn’t sell this product online either, so this is an in store only find. If you can’t find this in Costco, make sure to check out these other HIGHLY RATED women’s / ladies bikes…..

Price: $219.99, Item Number: 1483697

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20 thoughts on “Costco Infinity Boss Three Women’s Comfort Bike

  1. Just picked it up in Northern VA and it was $279. Still a great deal and thrilled to give this to my daughter for Christmas. Thanks for the recommendation. I never expected to see this in stock before the holidays.

    1. Wow! Can’t believe they still had them in stock. I haven’t seen these on the shelves in months. Glad you were able to get your hands on one. Please come back and give is an update after a while

  2. I saw this infinity women’s bike and I had to buy it for my daughter for Christmas. When i went back two days after, they were almost gone.
    At first I did not like the color too much for a woman, ( my daugther loves the color) but I Put it together and the more I look at it, the more I love it. It is absolutely beautiful. An aluminum bike for 200, what a steal. I drove it for 5 minutes it drives nice, all shifts worked, breaks worked well. Sometimes I wish I could keep it but I already own the Northrock fat tire bike which I also got at costco more than a year ago. I love my Fat tire bike, I love how it rides, those fat tires feel so good. There is something I wonder about. It seems costco brings a few of these bikes, and all of the sudden they are out of the store. I wonder why that is. I Once called and asked and the answer I got was. ” We dont have that bike here”. I wonder if they have problems with the bikes and then dont carry them anymore. Do you know why that happens? seems strange to me. but I ride my bike 3 times a week 4 to 6 miles each time and I had not had any problems. I have not riden trails, but I love how it rides over obstacles, It just breezes through any kind of obstacles with little effort. It even goes up and down sidewalks like nothing. I get the feeling my daughter and my ex-wife are also going to like the infinity women’s bike. I would really like to know why costco dont sell the fat tires anymore. The first time they got to the store, they were gone very quickly. I know see them being sold for $500 dollars.

    1. Thanks so much for the info on the bikes! Ya, Costco has had some very popular bikes in the last couple of years. This woman’s bike was very popular, just like the Northrock Mountain Bike. I do remember the Fat Tire Bike you are talking about but I haven’t seen that in a while. I think it’s just a matter of who Costco has contracts with and whether or not they can fulfill orders & Costco’s terms. Once they sell out of something, it seems like they delete it out of their system. I always keep an eye out though because sometimes they say “we don’t carry that anymore” & I find it at another store. Anyways, thanks for the detailed comment & I’m glad you love your bikes! Thanks for stopping by

    1. Score! Please come back and let us know how you like it. I can’t believe the bike was still in stock in November!

    1. That is in store. That is a HUGE difference for shipping and handling. That’s why I always post the photos of the price because sometimes it’s worth it to buy online & sometimes it’s not. Thanks for catching that. I would try to find this in-store if you can, although I haven’t seen any at my local Costco’s. Let me know if you find one

    1. Thanks Dano! Glad to hear you like it. It’s pretty hard to find a bike like this for around $200. Glad you found one and glad you like it. How long have you had it?

  3. I bought men’s version a couple of years ago. No problem with tires. It came with a user’s mantoo. I ride about 10 miles a day. Works well for me.

    1. Great to know Stephen! Glad you had a good experience with the infinity boss three. A lot of buyer’s seem to compare this bike to the Northrock Mountain Bike, but it’s apples and oranges. Glad you enjoy this bike & it works for your needs. It’s a quality affordable bike. 10 miles a day is a lot so you’ve probably put a LOT of miles on this bike. Any major issues? Thanks for stopping by

  4. I just bought this bike today in Warrminster, PA. I haven’t put it together yet. I was reading about the male version having issues with the tires holding air. Anyone having the same problem with the women’s bike?

    1. Not that I’ve heard. I mentioned before that the benefit to that is the inner tube is only a few dollars, plus it get’s you familiar with changing the tire on your bike. You can put in a higher quality tube than the stock one it comes with & you’ll be good to go. Yes, it is brand new & shouldn’t have issues, but it’s only a tube. If that was my only issue with the bike I wouldn’t be disappointed. Good luck & I hope you like it! Let me know

    1. Glad to hear! The other version of this bike as also really popular. I was wondering how the women’s version compared. Glad to hear you enjoy it & thanks for the comment

      1. I’m most likely buying this bike from a buyers app tomorrow 11/11.
        I stopped in my tracks when I saw the picture- it’s gorgeous and sleek!
        I have mobility issues and hoping I can get out just for a few minutes a day. I was getting depressed because I used to ride 20 miles a day. I’ve only read great reviews. I don’t shop at Costco, but apparently the owner does. And I’m buying it, just because it’s a straight forward re-entry to hit the road! Thank you for posting this very much!!

        1. Glad you were able to find one. Sorry you couldn’t get it at Costco. Hopefully you are getting a good deal on it from a fellow Costco shopper =). Let me know how you end up liking it. Thanks for stopping by!

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