Costco Infinity Boss Three Hybrid Bike

Costco sells the Infinity Boss Three Hybrid Bike for $219.99. Scroll down for photos. Costco has sold hybrid bikes like this the last several years. They just put them on the shelves again here a few weeks ago. This was located next to all the other workout equipment. This bike is a hybrid. It’s a little bit mountain bike & a little bit road bike. It would be great for getting around in the city. It’s smaller than a mountain bike so it can ride a little faster & it’s not built like a road bike so it’s a bit more comfortable. There are some people that really love this style of bike & especially for the price. It’s got a Shimano gear set & the frame is 700c x 18″. Here are a few more details about this Costco Infinity Boss Three Bike……

  • Frame: 700c x 18″ Aluminum
  • Steel Rigid Blade Fork
  • Shimano: 7 – Speed Rear
  • 700c Double Wall Alloy Rim
  • Alloy V-Brakes
  • Alloy Brake Levers
  • Derailleur, Twist Shafter
  • Unisex Hybrid Bike
  • 5 Year Warranty

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Infinity Boss Three Bike Costco

So I’ve read mixed reviews about this bike. Some people think it’s a great bike for starting out, while others think it would be bad. The argument is that it’s not a true road bike or mountain bike, so the user may have a bad experience. I’ve been on one of these bikes before & I think they’re great for what they are. I like to casually ride around the block with the kiddo’s & I want something comfortable. For a little over $200, this is really hard to beat. They don’t currently sell this on so make sure to do your homework. The nice thing is you can always return it. There are some VERY HIGHLY rated hybrids on Amazon, so make sure to check those out here……

Price: $219.99, Item Number: 1389618

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104 thoughts on “Costco Infinity Boss Three Hybrid Bike

  1. The reviews for the Infinity Boss Three are all over the place. Most of them refer to it as an entry level bike or for casual riding. I bike 20 to 25 miles each time 3 times a week, on the road and bike
    paths. How would this bike hold up to this type of use?

    1. I think the reviews are either fake or gamed, with almost all the positive reviews getting lots of thumbs up and not so positive ones thumbs down. I don’t think its ethical for the distributor of a product to come onto costco’s site to do that. They think this is amazon.

      This bike seems to be made for short comfortable rides, not to get a workout on medium length rides. You would have change a few thing so that it is geared towards biometric efficiency and comfort over medium distances, such as the spring loaded wide saddle.

      As far as the durability of such bikes, it might have Shimano parts, but it is the bottom of the barrel quality component. I set up a bike with similar components back when the pandemic started so I can get some exercise after sitting home all day. The headset was constantly working itself loose, the shifter cable rusted and then snapped, the twist shifter broke, the chain jumped cogs on the 2 highest gears, spokes broke, the pedals basically had no bearings left, the bottom bracket wobbled, no matter how much I tighten it (the bearings turned into oval shapes, and its retaining cage got chewed up).

      I put around 4000 miles in 8 months, riding it in a state with clanking crank, shaky steering, etc, with rides over 50 miles. Luckily the gym opened by next spring and the wife stopped riding her bike, so I just took over her’s and put this one out to pasture. I put around 2000 miles on her bike, then got a Northrock SR1 and have close to 7,000 miles in a little over 1 year.

    2. I’m sure it would be fine. It’s like any other product. If you’re pretty into biking, it’s probably not going to be for you. If you’re just a casual rider that uses it here in there it will probably be perfect. For the price, it’s hard to beat. Is it going to be equivalent to a $2,000 bike? Absolutely not. Costco skips out on certain features to get the price point they want. To some people, it’s totally worth it. I would go to your local Costco and see if they have a display up. You’re the only one who will know if it’s worth buying. Hope that helps

  2. My son could use a bike for commuting from his college campus into town. Costco has the Infinity boss.three on sale for $269.
    What size rider will this fit? I ask because my son is 5’5” and this looks like an 18” frame? Thanks

    1. It should fit him fine. He just might have to lower the seat a bit, but it should work. It’s a great deal at that price, so pick it up sooner than later

  3. I bought a Costco Boss Infinity Two used. It looks almost identical to the infinity 3. $80. Original owner said he wanted a bike that folded up so he could fit it in the car. I was skeptical to say the least but bikes last year were very difficult to find and this was not a big investment. It’s a great bike. I ride 3 to 5 miles a day and it has not missed a beat. I did need to adjust the front fork alignment, move the handlebars and seat but that was to be expected. Cleaned and lubed the chain and slightly adjusted the derailer. The welds are very clean and the brakes work great. I refill the tires about once a month. They deflate from 55 to about 40. If I did not buy this bike, and came across the model 3 in Costco, I would not hesitate to buy it. How it holds up long term is yet to be seen but so far not an issue after almost a year of use. I am 200 pounds at 5’ 10”. As always, your experience will be different from mine, but this was a good buy, even at full price, in my opinion.

    1. Awesome! Thanks Rich. Glad you were able to get your hands on the Infinity Boss bike and you enjoy it. It’s a great deal for what it is. Thanks for all the tips & hopefully you get many years out of it. These bikes shouldn’t be in stock for a while though. Maybe late Spring we will start to see these items on the shelves again.

  4. Hi I got my bike yesterday , assembled in 1 hour . Assembly was quick, I had little trouble with break pads but everything was sorted. While assembling I did not realize my front wheel did not have air, so I pumped it but it won’t keep it. It just gets deflated as soon as I pump it. I might have to return it. I am disappointed by this .

    1. Sorry to hear Yogi. That is annoying, but you might be better off just buying a new tube and installing it yourself. It also gives you a chance to inspect the rim to make sure there aren’t any sharp or jagged edges. If you ride the bike long enough, you will be change the tubes at some point. No better time to learn than now. Plus if it’s only a tube, you save yourself a lot of hassle. Let me know how it works out

  5. i just bought the northroxk xc27 from manahawkin nj after the costco on the 70 in lakewood was sold out. They had 5 left and i took one and someone else took another . but you could call to see if theres any left. The one in ocean cnty has a few as well. how does this bike compare to a giant bike ?

    1. These bikes are built by Giant. Some say from overstock or leftover frames, which I’m not so sure of since there are so many sold. I suspect these are sold directly by Giant, but given they are sold at at much lower price, they have to be rebranded so as to not come in conflict with Giant’s retail dealers. It also doesn’t mean it is exactly the same as a Giant bike at a much cheaper price, since Northrock seem to skimp out on non-drivetrain components. I am strictly speaking based on the SR1 road bike, which is as high as a Northrock bike’s price will go.

      The S&H of a bike is a fixed cost, so buying a $200-$300 bike from or anywhere online, you are really being charged shipping in the $50-$100 range, thus the true cost would be that much less making those bikes not really be road worthy.

      1. Thanks for the insight t-bone. Sounds like you’re pretty well versed with the biking industry. I do think these bikes serve a purpose for the casual rider. I will be buying one as soon as my 2 year old is able to ride on his own. I’m no serious biker, but I’d like to be able to cruise around the block a few times on something comfortable. I think this Infinity Boss Hybrid bike will be perfect, especially after hearing how many people enjoy the bike. Thanks for your continued comments!

    2. Nice Suzie! Glad you were able to get your hands on one. They just stocked my local Costco with about a dozen more & they don’t seem to be flying off the shelves as quick. Hopefully everyone who wants one is able to buy it. Thanks for the tips. Hope you enjoy the bike

  6. I recently purchased a Boss Three Hybrid Bike for myself, and the female version for my wife. Very nice bikes for the money. Assembled both both. Wife’s worked great. However, neither of my tires would hold air, with immediate deflating (not a valve seem issue) – apparently due to faulty assembly with punctures to inner tubes. Big disappointment. Returned mine to Costco, but no replacement available (they sell out quickly) – and next shipment not due in until after mid-July. Fortunately they were then selling the Northrock XC27 mountain bike, which I purchased instead of waiting for the Boss Three. The XC27’s front suspension may be easier on my bad lower back. Just hoping the threadless handlebar stem can be sufficiently adjusted upward by a bike specialist to allow me to street-ride and path-ride in a more upright position, as actual mountain-biking is not in the cards for me.

    1. Thanks for stopping by and giving your two cents. I appreciate it. These bikes are very popular so that’s too bad you had to return it. Did the tube poop because of a defect in the rim or was it just a bad tube? It may have been worth it to just buy an extra set of tubes from Amazon & just replace them. Glad you were able to get your hands on the XC27. I’ve been wanting to get one, but my kid isn’t quite there yet. He’s still on a balance bike. Please come back after riding the XC27 & let me know how you like it. Thanks for the comments!

      1. Yes, I could have simply purchased 2 new tubes and replaced them. But really, should one have to do that to a brand new bicycle? Perhaps it was all for the best, however, as I am greatly enjoying my new Northrock X27 mountain bike. While I’m using it as a road bike and on a paved trail (the W & OD Trail in Northern Virginia), the ride is great and the 21 gears (rather than just 7 on the Boss Three Hybrid) come in handy.

        1. You’re totally right. You shouldn’t have to, but it may be easier than boxing it back up. Plus you can put in a better tube that will last longer. Glad you enjoy the other bike. Thanks for stopping by

    2. That is a good move. Northrock frames are made by Giant bicycle, the world’s largest mfg of quality bikes. The drivetrain components are also decent quality, equivalent to what’s on more expensive bikes. Infinity, on the other hand, is an unknown. Its components looks sub-par, the quality of the welds looks like it was smeared on. It used to be made by Mordo & Son, who made bikes for toy, discount & sporting good store (until they went out of business).

        1. I bought a Northrock road bike from costco’s website when it was available. I wished they would have carried them in the store as it might have been at least $70 less, but road bikes are less popular with casual riders.

          Northrock bikes emphasize shifting quality by including derailleurs/shifters that usually goes on much higher priced bikes, but their crank & wheels are more in line with bikes at this price. So precision of shifts should be pretty good, even after a few years.

          1. Woah. I’ve never seen the road bike in store. I would have liked to have seen that because I am also looking for a starter road bike. Thanks for the tip on the shifters / derailleurs, that’s good to know. People seem pretty happy with the Northrock xc27 mountain bike right now.

    3. Hi I got my infinity boss 3, I assembled it quickly but I am facing similar issue, my front wheel will not hold air, it immediately deflates. I am going to try something in morning or would return the bike tomorrow. my only question is did you again pack the bike or just carried it assembled while returning?

      1. Pravin, I just rolled the Boss Three Hybrid (fully assembled, with all the included paperwork and assembly tools but not the box) into the return line at my Costco store, and told them what the problem was. I offered to repair it myself for a discount on the original purchase price, but they informed me that they could return it for a full refund, so they couldn’t discount it. They took it back without questions.

        1. Ya. That would be a bad precedent to set if Costco gave discounts on products due to defects. Glad you were able to return it for a full refund without issue. Thanks for the comment

          1. I bought another bike (not Northrock) online from costco, and after riding it, I determined there was an alignment problem with the fork. The manufacture said that it was within the design specification and to send it back if I was not satisfied. I guess they thought I bought it from their site, which would have resulted in me spending $75 on return shipping. I purchased another one online and rode it to confirm that there was indeed a defect on the first bike. I could have shipped it back to costco at their expense, but I decided to save them that cost and returned it to my local costco. I couldn’t fathom returning it by just rolling it in since every time I see someone returning something that is not in its original packaging, it seems like they have used it so much that they don’t even have the original packaging anymore to put it back into, or not even bother to re-box. So I disassembed everything so it fits back in the original box before returning it. After a while, I read someone reviewing that bike and they described that they had the same problem and accepted it. They either resold my bike to that person or their QA process is not thorough enough.

            1. I’m sure there are some products that sneak by their QA people, but by and large they are usually very good. Ya, I’ve also seen people just roll the bikes in & return them. Seems appropriate if you feel like you got a lemon of a bike. It’s a pain to setup and almost impossible to get back in the box the right way. Glad you were able to find the defect on you’re first bike. The $75 seems like a small fee instead of having a crooked bike forever. Anyways, glad it worked out

  7. I bought this bike for my son and when he pedals, the left pedal has a popping feel on the rotation and it drives him crazy. He doesn’t ride it. Any ideas on what may be causing that?

    1. Its probably the bearing binding from overtightenng. You can loosen it if you know how to loosen it slightly with 2 wrenches.

      1. Thanks t-bone. I asked if she could elaborate on the popping feeling. It would help if we could narrow it down to a location on the bike

    2. Are you able to rotate the pedal by hand and see where the popping / clicking is originating from? You could also take the pedal off to get a closer look and see where it is coming from. Maybe it’s not the pedal but it’s the piece attached to one of the gears. Take a closer look & see if you can pinpoint the location. I hope that helps

    1. I’m sure you saw the bike recommendations say 5’6″ – 6’1″. Now these are just suggestions. I’m sure someone who is 5’11” with long legs would feel like the bike is too small & someone who is 6’2″ with short legs would think the bike is perfect. The nice thing about this bike is that it is a starter bike so it’s not something you will be racing with. Seeing as you are 6’2, I’m betting you will find the size of the bike comfortable. They usually have a display up at Costco so you can always try it out and see how you like it. I would give it a shot if I were you because you can always return it or even sell it. These are very popular right now

    2. Do you know where I can find the men bikes? I had the womnn one but my husband could not find the men one in any of the college stores

      1. It seems to be a hit or miss based on the store location. They had these in stock around February & then I didn’t see them in stock again until June. That means they did end up selling them at multiple times throughout the year. They were very popular & sold out of most stores quickly. Grab the item number and ask your local Costco if they will be getting any in. Where are you located? You may be able to find some local to you with the help of some of the people here. They chime in frequently to advise on stock. Hope that helps

        1. Glad to hear you got your hands on one! How does he like it so far? They seem to be back in stock in the Bay Area now, which is nice

  8. I am not experienced with bikes. I got a flat on the front wheel the very first time I tried it. What tube size should I purchase?

    1. 700×35 schrader valve.. Normally the tube will fit a range so as long as its in that range. The 700 tire/wheel diameter, the 35 is the width.

      1. Awesome information. Thanks for the reply anonymous. It really helps the people out there who are unfamiliar with bike & bike repair. I’m always a big fan of DIY because it saves money & is empowering. Thanks!

    2. Sorry you got a flat your first time out. I hope you’re able to get out there and ride soon. Just like Anonymous said….You’re going to want to get a 700c tire with a width of 35 or 38 depending on the model tire you have. Look on your bike & it should tell you the exact dimensions. The nice thing about the tubes is they come in a range. Here is a link to a pack of tubes (Continental Tour 28 700×32-47 40mm Schrader Auto Valve) that should work perfect with your bike! They’re highly rated too. Let me know if you get up and rolling!

  9. I bought the Men’s bike on 5/13/2021 from local Costco warehouse in Plainfield, New jersey. Before buying this I looked around local bike stores , Walmart and Target. But the moment I saw its available in Costco I bought it without any fail. Took around 1 hours to set up after watching the instructions video. Riding the bike is really enjoyable as starter and bought Women’s bike with in 1 week after this. Really happy with ride and enjoying it.

    1. Nice! Glad you were able to find both bikes available at Costco. People have been having trouble finding these bikes here in California. I’m glad you enjoy it. How does the women’s bike handle? Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment

  10. I just purchased the bike on 5/28/21. I assembled it in about 15 min after watching the recommended video. It came with 2 actual tools that made assembly a breeze. I have not taken it on the road yet because of the weather. This is the perfect starter/casual bike. If you are a really into biking then you wouldn’t be looking for a bike at Costco! Its a great value for target user.

    1. Glad you were able to find one Paul. That is a really simple setup. Please come back after you’ve taken it for a spin & let us know how you like it. There’s a lot of people looking for these bikes right now too!

      1. I have taken the bike out a few times. It is much lighter than my previous bicycle. I seem to coast longer than before. It rides REALLY well on paved surfaces and Smooth unpaved surfaces. The ride feels stiff on uneven surfaces (rocks, cracked pavement,etc) It being a hybrid bike that is to be expected as there are no shock absorbers. Overall this bike meets my needs living in the suburbs.

        1. Awesome Paul! I feel that’s exactly what it was designed for. It’s unrealistic to have expectations of a $1,000 bike when it only cost $219.99. I’m glad you like it and it works well for you. Thanks for leaving a comment!

  11. I saw it in the local costco again this past weekend and picked it up. It was there a month or so ago and gone by the next weekend. Local bike shops were out of bikes or only had $700+ hybrid bikes avail. Assembled it yesterday, took about an hour. Did a test ride around the neighborhood, seemed to work fine. Will get some chain lube and ride this weekend. For the price if it last a couple years it is worth it.
    AA county, Maryland

    1. Glad to hear you got your hands on one Dave! That seems to be what they were designed for. Not for the hardcore bike enthusiasts, but more of the casual riders. It’s a great price as opposed to the low end models of the bike shop. Glad you like it & thanks for stopping by

    1. Unfortunately I don’t have exact measurements of the box, but other people have mentioned they fit it inside a Honda Civic with the seats down. That is one of the smallest cars out there, so most cars should be able to handle this. They usually just remove the front tire & handlebars, so if you can picture the size of the frame, that is the size of the box. Hope that helps. Did you end up finding one?

  12. I noticed these in our Toledo OH store in early 2019. I chose to think about it till I made my next monthly shopping trip (we live 30 mile away). Big mistake. On items like this, they only get enough to sell out quick, and don’t have them through the season. That way they don’t have any left at the end of the season. The next year I watched, and when they first came in I bought mine. When I came back four weeks later, they were gone, and never replenished, AND not available on website. So when you see one, buy it.

    1. That has happened to me so many times over the years! It still does. I think a product is not that popular, only to find it sold out the next time I go. I’m glad you were able to finally get your hands on one. They are sold out all around me & I’m not sure if they will be getting any more in stock. They have the “Women’s” model in stock right now, so we’ll see how quick they go. How did you end up liking yours?

      1. Love It !!! I road a 1975 Fuji Special Tourer for over 40 years, but this is more my “speed” now. I grew up in a much larger city, and it was not uncommon to be pulled over by the police. I presently live in a smaller community, and this bike is perfect for quick trips around town, and just a nice cruise.

        1. Glad you enjoy it Mikey! Also, good for you for being able to get your hands on one. These sold out REALLY quick & Costco never seemed to get another batch in stock. Thanks for stopping by!

  13. My local costco been out of stock for couple month now, I literally call them everyday to see if they back in stock yet, one guy told me it’s on order but anyone else that answers the phone says its not in stock and they dont know when it will be in, so I should keep on calling everyday to see if it arrived on the truck that day…so that’s exactly exactly what I do

    1. Good! Hopefully you end up finding one. I was just at Costco yesterday & they have the Women’s Infinity Boss Three Hybrid Bike. It didn’t look too much different from the men’s, so if that is something you would be interested in, be on the lookout. I’ll be putting up a post soon about it. Let me know if you end up finding one!

    1. This was in the Bay Area, CA. They have been sold out for a week or so now. Costco did just get the Northrock XC27 Mountain Bike, so if that is something you are interested in, make sure to check it out. I posted about it & the link can be found above.

        1. I was at Costco yesterday. The only bike I saw was the “Women’s” version. I’m not sure if you saw this or the regular hybrid bike because I couldn’t find the regular one anywhere. Only saw the women’s available. I was at the SSF Costco too FYI. Thanks for stopping by

  14. My local costco ran out of these bikes. But I found it in stock in another costco 33 miles away. Can the bike package be shipped in a car. will it fit in a car trunk?

    1. Depends on what type of car. I would be surprised if it could fit in a trunk. It would most likely have to be a full size sedan with a large trunk. If you are OK with it sticking out a bit, that may work too. These are very popular, so if you can borrow a truck or SUV, that may be your best option. Good luck & I hope you get one!

          1. Great to know! Thanks for that. The box is pretty big. I’m surprised it fit! Did you get it apart & assembled already? How do you like it?

        1. Hey SD,

          Just FYI, last night I bought one of these from my local Costco and it fits in my 2016 Civic just fine. (Folding down my rear seats so the box was put across the trunk & seats)

          1. Thanks Zihao! Glad you were able to get your hands on one. They are all sold out of the Costco’s near me in Northern California right now. Where did you purchase yours? Have you gotten a chance to ride it yet?

      1. The only way would be in store. Costco doesn’t have an online inventory like some of these other stores do. This bike has been hard to find because a lot of people are asking about it.

  15. My son has one still in the box. He’ll let it go for $350. He bought 2 and lives his bike. The other one is in the unopened box ready for sale.

    1. I’m glad he enjoys the bike & you were able to get one…….Now as far as your offer……maybe you could sell it to a local Costco Fan for the Costco price??? Consider it good karma for the future

      1. Maybe “Funny Guy” will give you a friendly Costco discount. I’ll keep update this post if I happen to come across any more

  16. Do not bikes on offerup! It’s well known in the bike industry that’s where bike thieves like to dump product.
    The Infinity is ok as a starter bike but nothing more. Also needs a tune-up with assembly as the bikes components are not adjusted/greased by the assembly factory. The tools supplied and what it says on the box as needed for assembly is far from the truth.

    1. Thanks for the comment Joe. I’m not huge into biking so that’s great to know about OfferUp. I’m in the Bay Area, CA & bike theft is huge. I’ll be sure to keep that in mind. Glad you think it’s OK as a starter bike, because I think that is what a lot of people use it for. As soon as my kid is able to ride a bike, I’ll probably get something like this just to putt around with him. Thanks for the comment

    2. Hey Joe can’t agree with you more on the need for tune-up for the Infinity three boss bike. I got one from Costco there in California 2-3 weeks ago, but end up sending it to a bike shop for a full-tune service, costed me 160 bucks, that’s more than half of the bike price!

      Despite brand new, the gear shifting weren’t smooth at all, constantly gets stuck in between and takes quite some time to finally shift the gear.

      Also what troubles me is the break, it comes with the break too tight so much so, that the rubber is already touching the rim even without applying the break. The manual supplied was too simplified, some parts even seems like written for a different model. I ended up watching Youtube videos and figure things out myself.

      Honestly, $219 is super affordable, and very tempting for people that are getting their first new bike. That’s said, later on I figured the boss three is also very limited – only 7 speeds, and the speed shifter is the cheap one that you rotate it, instead of those kinds that have two bar you can press to shift gear. It’s still the great Shimano brand though.

      Overall like people said in the comments, great for starters, and you can return it anytime – which is awesome. But tricky to set it up, the manual for self-assembly is not clear at all, and you better get a tune-up service right after. But after the $379 cost and those assembly hassles, I’m happy with it. Don’t really need those cool 21 speed bike.

      1. The thing with these bikes is that S&H from the China to the US is the same whether it is a $200 or $2000 bike, so for something like this, much of the selling cost goes to shipping instead of into the quality of bike, thus corners has to be cut (even more now that container shipping has skyrocketed lately).

        Also, these are components that has the Shimano brand on it purely so that bikes like these could display the Shimano logo. Its quality has nothing in common with the better ones from the same mfg (or the next tier up). Its true quality will show up after riding the bike for a while, and there will be constant upkeep required to keep it running. I rode a bike for roughly 5 months last year which had pretty much the same drivetrain as this. During that period of time, the shifter cable corroded through and snapped, the bottom bracket was nothing but trouble with its bearing cage mangled and bearings warped into the oval shapes, I had constant skipping gears on gear 7 (and sometimes 6), teeth on the freewheel practically worn to a sharp point due to its soft metal, headset loosening up, spokes breaking. I had to constantly fiddle and tune it after every few ride just to keep it rideable.

        1. Sounds like if you had to pick a bike, you would go with the Northrock over the Infinity Boss Three. Those are the only 2 bikes I’ve seen at Costco recently. Thanks again for the comment t-bone

      2. Thanks for the detailed reply Shawn. I feel like you hit it spot on with the purpose of this bike. If you have experience with fixing bikes, one might be able to save on the cost to give this a tune-up. Like you said, there are many good videos out there on how to service a bike, so you can save by doing it yourself. Glad you enjoy the bike and thanks for the comment!

  17. I like these bikes. They are good to ride on trails and neighborhood.
    My friend just bought few from local Costco and he is selling those.

    1. Is he selling them for Costco price or up charging? There were a lot of people buying the fitness items from Costco and marking them up 100% on Craigslist. It’s unfortunate for the people looking to buy the product for personal use. Anyways, I’m glad you like your bike. Hopefully they come back in stock soon

    1. Not sure. I’m located in the Bay Area, CA & they are still sold out. Sounds like a few other Costco’s are getting them in stock, so fingers crossed. Let me know if you end up finding one

        1. Awesome! Thanks for the heads up. Glad you were able to get your hands on one! Please come back & let us know how you like it

      1. Nice Dave! Glad to hear they are in stock somewhere. I haven’t seen them in Northern California for weeks now. Let us know how you like it. A few people have left reviews, talking about how much they enjoy the bike

      1. Wow! That’s a lot in stock for these bikes? Did you end up getting your hands on one? They’ve sold out very quickly over here on the West Coast. If you did get one, please come back for a review!

    1. Nice! They have been sold out of my local Costco’s for a few weeks now. I’ve seen a few items back on the shelves, but no bikes. They must have been very popular, because I only saw them once. Did you end up getting one?

    1. I’m going to ballpark it and say 300 pounds. It depends on the tire & tube brands. You can always upgrade the tires and the tubes on Amazon, but I would give the bike a chance first. Hope that helps. Let me know if you end up buying it

  18. You can call your local Costco to see if they have it. If they don’t they can check the inventory of other stores nearby.

    1. As soon as I saw these in stock, they disappeared from the shelves. I have no idea if they will be getting this in stock again. This seemed to be a very popular bike, so hopefully they’ll get more in

  19. I purchase this bike from local Costco but there was a defect on it so I returned it and I wanted to get another one but they were out and I have been searching desperately to buy another one
    Where can I get this bike at I can’t find it anywhere online or in stores

    1. Sorry to hear. That’s always a bummer. I saw this bike only once, maybe twice & then it was gone. Hopefully they get more in stock soon!

  20. I’d like too know if there’s anyway of purchasing this boss.three Schimano infinity bike. Or are you going too be sending any more of these bikes to the Costco stores anytime soon.

    1. As soon as I saw these bikes at Costco, they were gone. I’m not sure if Costco will be getting another shipment in. I’ll keep my eye out at my local Costco’s too see if any are in stock. Hope you end up finding one

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