Costco Infinity Boss Three Hybrid Bike

Costco sells the Infinity Boss Three Hybrid Bike for $219.99. Scroll down for photos. Costco has sold hybrid bikes like this the last several years. They just put them on the shelves again here a few weeks ago. This was located next to all the other workout equipment. This bike is a hybrid. It’s a little bit mountain bike & a little bit road bike. It would be great for getting around in the city. It’s smaller than a mountain bike so it can ride a little faster & it’s not built like a road bike so it’s a bit more comfortable. There are some people that really love this style of bike & especially for the price. It’s got a Shimano gear set & the frame is 700c x 18″. Here are a few more details about this Costco Infinity Boss Three Bike……

  • Frame: 700c x 18″ Aluminum
  • Steel Rigid Blade Fork
  • Shimano: 7 – Speed Rear
  • 700c Double Wall Alloy Rim
  • Alloy V-Brakes
  • Alloy Brake Levers
  • Derailleur, Twist Shafter
  • Unisex Hybrid Bike
  • 5 Year Warranty

Infinity Boss Three Bike Costco

So I’ve read mixed reviews about this bike. Some people think it’s a great bike for starting out, while others think it would be bad. The argument is that it’s not a true road bike or mountain bike, so the user may have a bad experience. I’ve been on one of these bikes before & I think they’re great for what they are. I like to casually ride around the block with the kiddo’s & I want something comfortable. For a little over $200, this is really hard to beat. They don’t currently sell this on so make sure to do your homework. The nice thing is you can always return it. There are some VERY HIGHLY rated hybrids on Amazon, so make sure to check those out here……

Price: $219.99, Item Number: 1389618

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