Costco Kirkland Signature Create-A-Size Towels 12 Pack Sheets

Costco paper towels. I am boring myself by writing this post, but this pack of paper towels is one of Costco’s most popular items (currently). With the corona-virus (COVID-19) in full swing (4/2/2020), these are one of several items that sell out very quickly. Prior to Costco putting a limit on them, it was common to find empty pallets & a note saying “SOLD OUT!”. Now that Costco has limited the purchases quantities & the number of people they allow into the store, it is much easier to find these in stock (location dependent). I usually get to Costco prior to opening, get in fairly quickly, & they have had paper towels & toilet paper available. They have Costco employees monitoring the hoarders, which is a great thing.

Now onto the paper towels. They’re great! You get a huge 12 pack that lasts forever unless you are me (I must go through 20-30 a day, much less lately), and they are broken into half sizes so you can “create-a-size’. With a little one at home, we are constantly going through them & their quality is comparable to a Bounty or Scott. The price is $16.99 for a 12 pack which is less than $1.50 per roll. Go take a look at individual roll prices & you will see this is a deal! They do go on sale every once in a while, but my guess is they won’t be on sale anytime in the near future.

Price: $16.99, Item: 512599

Here is a few more sought after items during this virus outbreak…..

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