Costco La Croix Curate Variety Pack 24 x 12 Ounce Cans

These sparkling waters are GREAT! I just picked up a 24 pack of these at Costco business…..yes, that’s Costco business. I know they sell them at regular Costco, but I don’t think they sell this specific combination of La Croix & in the taller, more slender cans. I bought this pack for a summer birthday BBQ & they were a hit. The adults loved them, as well as the kids. It’s a great addition for the adult beverages (hint: Vodka) without having the added calories, sweetener, sugar or sodium. They are non-GMO & much healthier than a soda.

You get 8 cans of each flavor: Cherry Lime, Pineapple Strawberry & my personal favorite Blackberry Cucumber. For someone who drinks almost 2 gallons of water a day this is a great treat to throw in the mix. Bonus: They were on sale for $6.99 too!

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If you can’t get them at your local Costco, check them out Amazon. They can have them delivered in packs of 8.. It’s nice to just get it delivered sometimes, but you still can’t beat Costco. Check them out…………

Price: $6.99, Item: 1383915

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