Costco LED String Lights, FEIT Electric 48 Feet

No better deal than the Costco LED String Lights. Here is another product by FEIT that I’ve seen on sale multiple times & it’s on sale again for $39.99 (scroll for photos). The coupon is for $10 off (instant savings) and is good through August 30th, 2020. As I’ve mentioned in other posts, I have had a good experience with FEIT products & these are no exception. I have these strung up in my backyard & they look fantastic at night. They are extra soft white, so if you’d like a different color temperature check these out. Here’s a few specifications about these LED string lights……..

  • 48 feet of lights with 24 bulbs spaced 2 feet apart
  • 2200K Amber Extra soft white LED using only 24 watts total
  • 2 spare bulbs included
  • Shatter resistant bulbs
  • Outdoor & weatherproof
  • Connect up to 45 sets

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Costco Led String Lights

These lights really add a nice look to any backyard. They’re easy to hang & give you the extra soft white for a nice nighttime feel. If you need more than 1 set you can always string up multiple sets. Hell, if you want, you can string up 45 sets for a total of 2,160 feet or 1,080 bulbs. Yes, that many! I would wait for them to go on sale because I feel like I see them on sale all the time. If you really need to have them and can’t find them at Costco, please check these out. Costco only sells the 2200K, which may be too soft of a white for you. Amazon sells the 2500K, 2700K & 3000K color temperature here…………

Price: $39.99, Item Number: 710090

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