Costco Organic Sabra Pine Nut Hummus 32 Ounces

Another one of my favorite items to binge eat. If you’ve followed a few of my posts you’ll notice that one of my greatest qualities is binge eating. The excuse I use for this one is it’s healthy, low carbohydrate, high in good fats & organic! That’s plenty of reason for me to sit down with a bag of chips, & go to town. This stuff is tasty! I’ve tried many of the specialty hummus brands you get at Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods & this is still my favorite. I realize it is a mainstream brand & I’m sure that homemade is probably better, but for now this will do. I try to save the pine nuts till the end, but that usually doesn’t happen. It’s organic & gluten free & goes on sale frequently.

Price: $6.99, Item: 1251190

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