Costco Sit Stand Desk, Tresanti Adjustable Height Tech Desk

Costco sells this Tresanti Sit and Stand Desk for $249.99. Scroll down for photos. I have seen this in Costco for a few months now. Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, home office furniture has become really popular. This is one of Costco’s most popular work desks. They sell it in store & online. It’s really sleek & modern looking & comes loaded with features. It can be adjusted from 29.4 inches to 47 inches which covers a wide variety of heights for the sit or stand feature. It comes with USB ports to charge all your devices as well as a slim drawer to put all your desk supplies. For all of you with limited space, this is a nice compact desk to add to any room. Here are a few more details about this Costco Tresanti Sit Stand Desk……

  • Includes Two 2.4 amp USB Inputs
  • Height adjustable from 29.4” – 47”
  • Wireless Desktop Charging Station
  • Tempered Glass Top
  • Digital Readout
  • 3 Programmable Settings (H1, H2 & H3)
  • Dry Erase Compatible Glass Top
  • Available in White or Black
  • Large Storage Drawer

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Costco Tresanti Adjustable Height Sit Stand Desk

If we weren’t already committed to a Pottery Barn Desk (used from Craig’s List), I would seriously consider this. I spent about 10 minutes checking this out in store. They had a display up & I was able to check out all the features. It’s a high quality desk. As I mentioned above, Costco sells this online. It’s currently $299.99, so $50 more for shipping & handling. It’s got over 2,800 reviews with a 4.5/5 rating. The biggest complaint was from people ordering it online & the desk being damaged in transit. If you can get it in store, save yourself the hassle & $50! If you can’t find this in store or online, make sure to check out these other HIGHLY RATED sit stand desks (Seriously, check out the first 2!)……….

Price: $249.99, Item Number: 1414575

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52 thoughts on “Costco Sit Stand Desk, Tresanti Adjustable Height Tech Desk

  1. Hi, I’m in Toronto, Canada and I am looking for this desk in white. Does anyone know when it will be restocked in the gta stores?

    1. These are popular everywhere. You’ll have to just keep checking online and in-store if you see them. Even if you want a specific color, I would just buy whatever you can get your hands on

    1. Ya. A lot of people are looking for this. Unfortunately Costco doesn’t have a “notify me” email option, so you just have to keep checking

    1. Unfortunately it’s only available in white. I checked my stores and they also have it in white only. currently has it for sale but they don’t have the black model available. Sounds like that was the popular color. Keep checking back because it will be available one day without warning.

      1. Saw your post. Went to buy online and already it’s gone. So disappointing. It appears that the white and black are both out of stock. I hope they have another restock in black soon. So far this is the only desk with all of the features wanted that fits into a specific space that I have.

        Message from Costco site:

        “ Product Not Found!
        Sorry, but we weren’t able to find the product you were looking for.”

        1. Ya. That’s the bummer about Costco. You never know when it’s back in stock and as soon as it is, it tends to disappear. This happens with their popular products. You’ll just have to keep checking. Let me know if you do get your hands on one

    1. Height goes from 29.4” to 47”. It’s 47.25″ wide and 25.63″ deep. Now it’s got that slight curve in the front so it’s not quite as deep as 25.63″ in the middle. Hope that helps!

  2. Hello, my desk shattered to pieces. I was wondering if I could buy a replacement for it. I really love my desk, even installed casters on the bottom so we can move it in and out of the guest room/den. Do you mind sharing their contact info? Thanks in advance.

    1. That’s going to be a tough one to figure out. You’re best bet is to take some measurements or a similar bolt and go to Home Depot / Lowe’s. In the nuts / bolts section they will have a little display board that can help you size the bolts. The other option is to buy a Nut & Bolt Thread Checker like this

    1. If you can’t find them in store, you’re best bet is to try online. I am seeing these all over the Bay Area, CA Costco’s right now, so they should be on the shelves in most Costco’s. Keep checking back if you want to purchase in-store and save some money

  3. They sold the last one while I was at the store and I can’t find it at any other Costco’s or online in the white.

    1. Sorry to hear Cheryl. They currently have the white in stock on for $309.99. Buy it while you can! If you miss out make sure to keep checking back

  4. My desk top shattered for ni reason at all. Possibly temperature as it was possibly 80* in the room but no idea. Was not at the desk or in the room when it shattered.

      1. My desk top also smashed, but when we were moving it to my daughters new home. Can I buy a replacement desk top or must I buy a a complete new one ?

        1. Damn! That seems to be a real problem with these glass desks. It has to be in the design or the pressure from moving the desk up and down. Sorry to hear. I don’t know if you can replace the glass. I imagine it would be an expensive part to ship for the company but I’ll shoot them an email and see what they say. You’re best bet is probably returning it to Costco because they are back in stock

  5. I was sent a replacement motor after 3 months of being on a waiting list. My boyfriend and I got to the very last step of the replacement motor instructions and it was impossible to remove the metal rod with the strength of 2 adults. Wasted 3 hours doing this. Going to try and see if Costco will refund me, but I don’t have the box anymore. Fudge (edited =)) Tresanti. This desk wasted my fudging (edited =)) time.

    1. Sorry to hear you had such a bad experience. Don’t worry about the box, just take the unit back. I’ve taken stuff back that is a year old, but very rarely. If it’s that defective & it doesn’t work for you, bring it back.

  6. I fell in love with this desk as soon as i saw it and just bought the same model at $249 about a month ago and it works really great. No issues at all.

    I recommended to 5 of my friends and all of them bought it 🙂

    However, just called the Costco today and they told the item is not available and is on back order and will be available on 24th jan 2022.

  7. A few months after buying this desk, the desk failed to raise anymore. With everything going with the pandemic, I never sent it back to get repairs and it’s been over a year since I purchased it.
    It’s just been disappointing to say the least because I was so excited to get this desk. Now I don’t know what to do to get it to work properly again.

    1. Any chance it could be the power supply that burned out? I don’t know if you have a multimeter or know how to use one, but you could start with that to troubleshoot a little bit. I know there are plenty of YouTube videos on these desks that address the problem it sounds like your having. Let me know if you end up finding a solution

  8. hello, when i adjusting the desk’s height but the power of the usb portals and the wireless charger are cutting off as well during process. Is this how it’s supposed to be or something wrong with it?

    1. Hi Danny. Does this only happen while the desk is in motion? Do you have any power issues after you have settled on a position for the desk. This may be a flaw in the design since you are using power to move the desk, it may have trouble supplying the USB ports.

    2. It states in the manual that the USB ports and wireless charging will pause while the desk is in motion, and resume when it stops.

    1. Glad you like it! Ever had any issues with the motors are adjustable part of the desk? Did you get this exact model at Costco? Thanks for stopping by

        1. Sorry to hear. Are you sure it’s the same exact model? That seems like a big price discrepancy for Costco. This model is not on sale either.

    1. Good question. I’m not 100% sure on the max weight of the desk. I searched all over and they range from 75 lbs. to 300 lbs. for heavy duty desks. I would try not to go over 100 and listen to the gears as you move it. How much weight are you trying to put on the desk?

    1. I found this item in Georgia tucked away from anything office. 1 store had it near the appliance and the other with Christmas tree decor

      1. Awesome! Glad you found one. They had 1 or 2 left at my store too! They also seemed to be tucked away. I am assuming they will be selling out soon & not getting any until the holidays are over. Glad you were able to get your hands on one

    2. I found these in stock at my local Costco. The stack wasn’t located where it normally is, so make sure to check all the aisles of your store. You can also grab the item number above & ask a Costco Associate. Unfortunately they stopped selling this on so this would be an in-store only purchase. Good luck & let me know if you find one

  9. Thanks. Just to check, do you write these posts about Costco in the US or Canada? I’m just trying to find if the price is in USD or CAD. I saw this desk in Costco Canada few days ago for around 350 CAD, of course it’s now June 2021.

    1. I’m located in the US. Still seems like it’s significantly cheaper than 350 CAD based on the conversion. Hope that helps! It’s a nice desk too!

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