Costco Squishmallow Minis, 8-Pack Plush Set

Costco sells this 8 Pack of Squishmallow Mini’s for $20.99. Scroll down for photos. These squishmallows are very popular and Costco has had several of these models over the last year or so. One of the most popular ones they had was the Hello Kitty Squishmallow which they sold last summer. They usually have a bin of the bigger 24″ models, but now they’ve shrunk in size and are offered in an 8-pack. Every time I take my kid to Costco, he immediately points to this item and asks if he can have it. He’s 3 and he has what feels like a thousand stuffed animals, but he always asks about the squishmallows. They’re very popular right now and based on my kiddo’s reaction, they are going to stay popular. These make great gifts & with an 8-pack you can split them up into multiple gifts. Here are a few more details about these Costco Squishmallow Mini’s…..

  • Brand: Squishmallow 8-Pack Mini’s
  • 5″ mini 8-pack Assortment
  • Ultra-Soft Spandex and Polyester Fill
  • Each is Designed with Embroidered Accents
  • Machine wash in warm, tumble dry medium heat
  • Packaging Dimensions: 18.1″L x 3.54″W x 10″H
  • Names: Indie, Orzella, Fabiola, Samir, Gordon, Nabila, Archie, Livvy, Chanel, Maya, Keina, Poplina, Sinclair, Maui, Bernardo, Lena
  • Package Weight: 1.86 lbs.

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Costco Squishmallows Minis 8 Pack Plush Set

Usually Costco only has a few options to choose from, but if you go to, they currently have about 25 results for squishmallows. They range in sizes from 5″, 16″, 20″ & 24″ with plenty of options to choose from. As you can see from the photos the in-store options are limited to the 8-Packs originals. Online they have the 8 pack with the SeaLife, Food & Animals options. They also have plenty of larger individuals to choose from. It’s $4 more to have it shipped from but that may be worth it to get exactly what you want. The reviews are all great too! If you can find it in store you’ll be saving a few dollars. I found these in the center aisle next to all the other toys. If you can’t find what your looking for at Costco, make sure to check out these other POPULAR Squishmallows (check out the first one, it is an Amazon EXCLUSIVE)…….

Price: $20.99, Item Number: 1211135

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