Costco Suncast Deck Box, 160 Gallon All-Weather Storage

Costco sells this Suncast Deck Box for $119.99. Scroll down for photos. These deck boxes are an amazing way to free up space inside the house. We own 2 of these. I purchased the Lifetime Deck Box that Costco sold last year & I purchased the Keter Deck Box that Sam’s Club sold last year. I think they are both great & if I had to choose I would go with the Keter (only based on looks). They were both $99.99 at the time, so the price has increased 20%. I also have a Suncast Storage unit that is great, so I have no doubt this Deck Box will last for years. These ALWAYS sell out quickly, so if you see them at your local Costco, make sure to buy them before they’re gone. Here are a few more details about this Costco Suncast Deck Box…….

  • Brand: Suncast
  • Model: BMDB160
  • All Weather Resin
  • Pad – Lockable
  • Dimensions: 58″ x 28″ x 27″ inches
  • Water & UV Protection
  • Lock Not Included
  • Soft Close Lid

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Costco Suncast 160 Gallon Deck Box

The only reason I didn’t get the 2 Lifetime Deck Boxes from Costco last year, was because they sold out so quick. I only purchased 1 & of course I went back to an empty shelf. I was forced to ship the Keter from Sam’s Club. My only recommendation is to get them when you see them. These just hit the shelves & I found them in the center aisle next to all the other storage items. does not currently sell this online, so it is in-store only. They sell a $300 Vita Urbana Deck Box that has poor reviews, so I wouldn’t purchase it. Amazon sells the Keter brand deck boxes, so if you can’t find these at Costco, make sure to check these out. They also come in different sizes, if you’re looking for bigger or smaller…..

Price: $119.99, Item Number: 1561974

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2 thoughts on “Costco Suncast Deck Box, 160 Gallon All-Weather Storage

    1. With summer ending, these are going to be hard to find. You may have to try several Costco’s to find one. These usually hit the shelves in late Spring, early Summer because these are a summer item. I would go to your local Costco & see if they can look it up my item number. They should be able to help

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