Costco Storage Bins, Greenmade 27 Gallon Storage Tote

Costco sells these Greenmade 27 Gallon Storage Bins for $7.49! Scroll down for photos. These black and yellow plastic storage bins are on sale right now for $1 off. My wife & I absolutely love these storage bins. We use them to store all of our seasonal items & put labels on the outside. Don’t forget to put labels on the outside or you end up opening all the bins =). The other option is to buy the smaller clear ones, which are also wonderful. Those allow you to see inside the bin when looking for something. These bins are high quality & don’t crack. We’ve purchased some cheaper ones from Target & Walmart in the past & after a few seasons they cracked on the bottom (in garage for reference). You won’t have to worry about that with these bins. Here are a few more details about these Black & Yellow Costco Storage Bins……..

  • Brand: Greenmade
  • 27 Gallon Storage Tote with Lid
  • Snap Tight Lid
  • Heavy Duty Plastic
  • Designed for Long Term Durability
  • Reinforced Construction
  • Padlock Holes for Security
  • Recessed Lid for Stacking
  • Made in the USA / 100% Recyclable

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Costco Black & Yellow Plastic Storage Bins, 27 Gallon Tote w/ Lid

These bins really are amazing. They can help declutter your house or garage in no time. They stack nicely & are the right size. If you go bigger than this, they can be difficult to carry for one person. Any smaller & you can’t fit much. A popular idea I’ve heard is using these to grow plants / flower / herbs out of. For only $7.49 it’s a cheap way to start a vegetable garden. Costco only sells these in store. They had a HUGE stack as you can see from the photos & they limit the purchase to 10. Even though they had a lot, I don’t expect these to last long. Get them while you can! If you can’t find them at Costco, make sure to check out these other HIGHLY RATED plastic storage bins……..

Price: $7.49 (sale) $8.49 (regular), Item Number: 718262

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