Costco Traeger Gourmet Blend Fuel Pellets 33LB

What can i say? If you’re going to buy the Traeger at Costco it only makes sense to grab a $20 bag of pellets sitting right next to the smoker. I’ve tried a few other brands of pellets & I recommend just sticking with the Traeger brand. They seems to burn cleaner & don’t leave as much buildup in the cleanout. Maybe it’s because we purchased some cheaper brand pellets, but these work great & give the food a great flavor. These pellets are……

  • 50% Maple
  • 25% Hickory
  • 25% Cherry
  • All natural wood pellets
  • 100% food grade pellets
  • 33 pounds

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I’ve used these with everything from chicken, beef, pork, fish, vegetables & they always deliver. Now if you can’t find this stuff at Costco, just buy it on Amazon & get it delivered. At the time of writing, it is $20 for a 20 pound bag. It’s not quite 33 pounds, but hey, it’s not Costco & it gets delivered to your doorstep. They also have 10+ different flavors on Amazon which you won’t find in Costco so if you have a different flavor you’d like to try, click the link below & browse the different blends ……..

Price: $19.99, Item: 950298

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