Costco Water Dispenser Cooler, Bottom Loading

I saw this water cooler at Business Costco (scroll down for photos). It is a Culligan brand water dispenser that is bottom loading with 3 different temperature settings. The convenient part about bottom loading is you don’t need to lift 40+ pounds of water up and manage to get it perfectly on the top of those old style water dispensers. We had one of those old ones in college, which was great but, it was a pain in the butt to get that water bottle on top every time. You were almost guaranteed to spill a little bit every time. Also the 5 gallon jugs were a pain in the but to refill constantly, but if you are unable to have a water filtration system in your house & your local water doesn’t taste good……these water dispensers can be a lifesaver.

Costco Water Dispenser Specifications

  • 3 or 5 gallon water dispenser cooler made by Culligan
  • Tri-temp: hot, cold, room temperature
  • UV Self sanitizing
  • Commercial Grade Tank
  • Black & Stainless Steel Finish
  • BPA Free

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It’s very convenient have access to instant hot & cold water. These units are surprisingly small & can be tucked away conveniently in most houses or businesses. If you’re thinking of purchasing one, make sure to check this water dispenser on Amazon. It comes with very similar specifications & is also a bottom load……

If you purchased this Costco water dispenser & you can’t find the quick start guide or the user manual you can download them here. Click below for the PDF versions of the files…….

Price: $199.99, Item: 1342170

8 thoughts on “Costco Water Dispenser Cooler, Bottom Loading

  1. Purchased this unit, and seems great. Issue im having, is the empty water light came on and stayed on from initial setup. brand new 5 gallon bottle. Everything seems to be working properly. Any thoughts would be appreciated

    1. Did you check all the wiring connected to the lights. Was there a piece of tape or cardboard over a sensor that recognizes whether or not the bottle is full. If you can trace the wire back to the sensor you may be able to find the problem. Let me know if you figure it out

  2. Purchased Culligan water dispenser on 10/3/2021 . Came home on 1/15/2022 to a puddle of water on the floor. I don’t know exactly where it’s leaking since there is water spashed all over the back. It’s not water bottle itself . The pump keeps randomly kicking on as if it needs to fill the unit so maybe it’s the tank? I’m very disappointed

    1. Sorry to hear about that! That’s a real bummer. Could just be a lemon. Did you return it to Costco and try a new one. I’ve had pretty good luck with these in years past, but they were much simpler. We’ve finally upgraded to a water filtration system and love it. I’d be happy to go into detail if that’s something you are interested in

  3. The first and last water dispenser I would purchase. This equipment is like a Mickey Mouse thing with the price tag you pay for. The water dispenser is unstable, every time I press the button to get water I feel like the machine will get knock off its back even with a full 5 gallon water stored inside. Be aware especially if you have kids!

    1. Sorry to hear about the bad experience Ken. Thanks for the tip. We ended up scrapping our old water cooler & buying an under sink filtration system. We 100% love it and have recommended it to everyone we know. It’s so much better than having to refill the 5 gallon jugs and change tanks.

  4. Most of the water dispensers like this one don’t provide self sanitization, but this has got that feature that might be the plus point for it.

    1. That’s a great point. Thanks for the comment. With COVID-19 still a major issue, the self sanitization feature is great!

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