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Costco sells this wine fridge for $249.99. This is a 36 bottle wine refrigerator (or cooler) that is made by “The Wine Enthusiast”. This is the perfect size for a small wine fridge that can be placed underneath a counter. The dimensions are on the side of the container & you will notice the height is 33 1/4″. This means it should fit just right under your standard 36″ counters. I’ve seen the 300 bottle wine fridge at Costco before, but not for a while. It’s got a nice display feature where you can see plenty of the labels without having to actually open the fridge. It was surprisingly small in store, so they really do a good job getting 36 bottles to fit inside. Here are a few more details about this Costco Wine Fridge…….

  • Made by The Wine Enthusiast
  • VinoView Display Shelving
  • Digital Thermostat
  • Temperature Range: 39 – 65 degrees
  • UV Tinted Dual Pane Glass Door
  • Digital Touchscreen with LED Display
  • Dimensions: 19″W x 18.5D x 33.25H Inches

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The Wine Enthusiast 36 Bottle Wine Cooler at Costco

I don’t regularly see the wine fridge’s at Costco, so this is one of those products that will go missing from the shelves without warning. If you are even thinking about getting one, it’s best to grab it now. This was located out in the middle of the store with the spring & summer items. Hopefully the COVID-19 restrictions will be lifted soon & we can go back to hosting parties again. This would be a great additions to any wine enthusiast’s home. If you can’t find this at Costco or you want to check out some other HIGHLY RATED wine fridge’s, make sure to check these out…….

Price: $249.99, Item Number: 1274071

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18 thoughts on “Costco Wine Fridge, 36 Bottle Wine Cooler, Wine Enthusiast

    1. Temperature setting ranges from 39-65 deg. So if you set it at the higher range, you can store your non-red wines like they are in your cellar

  1. We bought two of these fridges.
    Are you able to switch the doors so one opens on the other side, rather than the way it came?

    1. Yes. You are able to reverse the doors. You can see the tab on the opposite side of the hinges where you can uncover the mounting hardware for the door. It should be fairly straightforward

    1. Yes. You can use this in a cabinet. I would just make sure there is enough airflow so it doesn’t get too hot. Heat is what damages electronics

    1. You probably want to direct that question towards the manufacturer. I am always hesitant boxing in a refrigerator without good circulation. Heat is what always kills electronics and the refrigerator is no different. If there is enough of a gap and it doesn’t get to hot, it will probably be fine though

  2. We just unpacked the WE 36 Bottle Wine Cellar and have the same two questions. Did you receive an answer to your questions? Did you keep the unit or return it? Thanks for any information!

    1. Sorry. I never received emails or photos from the 2 questions. Let me know if you end up returning the unit.

    1. Of course it can. Do you also have wine in it and are looking to keep it cold? Or do you think the cold garage will damage the item? I’m not sure exactly what question your asking but I think the answer is “yes” to both. Let me know

  3. I bought this refrigerator and the wine just doesn’t get cold enough
    I look at my big refrigerator and it shows the same temp 39 F
    Is there something I’m missing?
    We drink Sauvignon blanc
    I just plugged it in when I got it was there something in the back I was supposed to remove maybe tucked inside? At times i see it struggling going to 42 and then back down

    1. So I just had a similar issue with my refrigerator in the house. I was blocking the vents inside the refrigerator and it was causing issues. Is there any chance you are blocking the vents inside with bottles? Have you turned the dial all the way down? You can always take some bottles out & see if you can get the temperature to reach 39? Let me know if that works or if you end up figuring it out

  4. Hi,
    Thanks for your review of the WE 36 Bottle Cooler. I recently purchased this product at Costco and have a couple of concerns:

    1. The user guide mentions that any floor unevenness should be corrected with the leveling legs located on the front & rear bottom corners of the wine cellar. My unit only has one leg on the front corner. Is this a defect; is a leveling foot missing in the rear?

    2. The front half of the bottom has a black cover, the back half of the bottom is not covered in black. It exposes the silver base. Should the back half of the bottom also be black? I’m concerned that the bottom of the unit will scratch my floor.

    I can forward a couple of pictures if needed. Thanks for any suggestions.

    1. Your unit should have at least 2 legs. I just purchase a new refrigerator and only the front 2 legs adjusted. It allowed me to get the front/back and side/side level. I don’t really follow your 2nd questions. Photos would help. Can you send them to [email protected]. Thanks. Let me know if you find a solution

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