Battery Tender Costco, 4.5 Amp Smart Battery Charger

Costco sells this Battery Tender Charger & Maintainer for $42.99. Scroll down for photos. I had been looking for this for months & it finally was back in stock at Costco. These charger’s / maintainers are such a great tool to have around the house. I ‘ve seen these used on boats, motorhomes, RV’s, golf carts, Power Wheels & much more! The nice thing about this model is the 4.5 amps will give your battery a quick charge & then it will lower down to a “maintenance” stage to preserve the life of your battery. This chargers both 6V & 12V batteries as well as Lead Acid & Lithium Batteries. It’s a great tool to have in case you wake up to a dead battery. Here are a few more details about this Battery Tender from Costco……

  • Brand: Deltran Battery Tender
  • 12V / 6V Charges Cars, Trucks, ATV’s, Powersport Equipment & much more
  • Works with Lead Acid, AGM & Lithium Batteries
  • Temperature Compensation
  • Maintenance Mode Feature
  • Spark-proof during lead connection and automatically detects reverse polarity to ensure a correct, locked-in connection before providing power
  • Dimensions: 6.8” x 3.68” x 1.96” (charger only)
  • Weight: 3.15lbs
  • Includes Rings Terminal and Alligator Clips

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Costco Battery Tender 4.5 Amp Smart Battery Charger & Maintainer

This is a tool I’ve always wanted to have in my garage. To be honest, the tipping point was that I will be buying my kid this Best Choice 12V Ride on Truck for Christmas. I dug deep into the reviews & long story short, the charger for this Power Wheels Truck is terrible. It ends up burning up the batteries rendering the toy useless. That’s where the Battery Tender comes into play. 2 new batteries (which doubles runtime of the toy) & an install of the included ring terminals solve the biggest issue with this toy. It’s also the safest / best way to charge the batteries. Now I’ve got myself a new tool & Power Wheels that will last years! If you can’t find this at Costco, make sure to check out these other HIGHLY RATED models…….

Price: $42.99, Item Number: 1385392

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8 thoughts on “Battery Tender Costco, 4.5 Amp Smart Battery Charger

  1. Dodge 2500 diesel w two 12V AGM batteries; batteries are two years old. After 5-6 weeks on tender I wanted to use the truck, but batteries were completely dead and charger was trying to charge at 6V. Now I’m using a NOCO 10 which is going through repair cycles. Big $ loss if those two batteries are shot.

  2. i bought one, now does not work 8 months later,can’t find warrranty info other than deltran saying they do not warranty products not directly purchased from them

  3. Don’t buy these. Defective. First one said it was charging battery, lights said it was, but battery was flat when I went to use it. Then it died completely, and lights wouldn’t even turn on. Bought a second one. Did the same thing, lights say all was good, but battery didn’t get charged. Then it started overheating, got up to 150 degrees, almost burned my hand when I picked it up. I’ve had early models from this company that worked good and are still working. This model is defective.

  4. i had a 4.5 amp battery tender got stolen /// went to the three closest costcos to vallejo calif 94591 /// not in stock ///where the hell can i get one from costco

    1. These are hit or miss. I was looking all over for them too & they finally were back in stock at my Costco. If you can’t find them in-store you can always get them online. They are on sale right now for $10 off on

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