Costco Aerogarden Harvest Elite Slim Indoor Garden

Costco sells this Aerogarden Harvest Elite for $129.99. Scroll down for photos. These Aerogarden’s are really neat little products. They allow you to grow fresh herbs & vegetables almost anywhere in the house. You can leave them in the sun to get natural sunlight, or if you don’t have a spot with much sunlight, the LED grow lights will suffice. For all of you out there who don’t quite have the green thumb (like me), this is a great product because it’s automatic. I may have to buy one of these because my wife & I always like fresh cilantro & green onions. This would be a great way to keep them on hand. The kit comes with everything you need to get started too. It’s a little pricey @ $129, but if you don’t have gardening space, this is a great alternative. Here are a few more details about this Costco Aerogarden……..

  • Grow up to 6 Plants at once
  • 20W LED Grow Light for Full Spectrum, Optimal Lighting
  • Up to 12” of Grow Height
  • Easy Automatic Water and Plant Food Reminders, Low Water Indicator
  • Includes: 6-Pod Gourmet Herb, 6-Pod Cherry Tomatoes, 6 Plant Spacers and Garden Shears
  • Accessories Included: AeroGarden Harvest Elite Slim, Power Adaptor, 6-Pod Gourmet Herb Seed Pod Kit (Genovese Basil, Curly Parsley, Dill, Thyme, Thai Basil and Mint), 6-Pod Heirloom Cherry Tomatoes, Garden Shears, 6-Pack Plant Spacers, Specially Formulated Liquid Plant Food, Grow Domes for Optimal Germination
  • 4.61” W x 15” L x 10.9” H; Weight: 5.93 lbs.

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Costco AeroGarden Harvest Elite Slim, Stainless Steel

I was surprised to see this in Costco because the gardening items don’t usually show up until late winter / early spring. I found this at the end of the automotive aisle in Costco, so it was pretty random. If you are looking for this, make sure to check all the aisles. I think this would make a great gift for the holidays, so keep that in mind. Based on a quick Google Search, these Aerogarden’s have really good reviews! They currently sell this on for $139.99, so if you can’t find this in-store, make sure to check first. If you want to check out some of the other Aerogarden’s HIGHLY RATED models, make sure to check these out………

Price: $129.99, Item Number: 1593118

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