Costco Acai Bowl, Frozen & Organic by Ittella, 6 Count

Costco sells this Acai Bowl 6 pack for $12.49! Scroll down for photos. I had seen these frozen acai bowls years ago, but they’ve been out of stock at my local Costco. Well they FINALLY just got them back in stock so I snapped them right up. It comes out to a little over $2 per bowl & they are well worth it. I have a bit of a sweet tooth. I tend to look for a snack after dinner & sometimes I binge on chocolate. These are the perfect healthy* alternative. They’re just sweet enough to satisfy the craving, but not too sweet. I was really surprised to find the granola was crunchy even though it was frozen. These bowls don’t look very big upon making them, but it was very filling. Here are a few more details about this Costco Acai Bowl 6 pack…….

  • Brand: @Tattooedcheffoods, Ittella
  • 6 count, 6.25 ounces per bowl, frozen
  • Gluten Free
  • Vegan
  • USDA Organic
  • Directions: Set granola packet aside. Remove plastic film. Warm for 30 seconds. Stir. Heat an additional 10 seconds. Sprinkle granola

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Costco Ittella Organic Acai Bowl, 6 Count, 6.25 oz each

I always like finding a healthy treat. It’s an organic acai fruit bowl that comes with a small serving of organic granola. This is much better than eating some ice cream & a cookie. I also grab them every once in a while when I’m looking for a quick snack before a workout. They don’t sit heavy & you get that burst of energy. Prior to these being in stock I was making smoothies with acai powder & organic granola. The nice thing about making it yourself is you can change the flavor. I will still buy these because they are just so easy! If you want to check out the acai powder and granola (SERIOUSLY, check out the granola, it’s awesome!) I purchase, check out the links below……..

Price: $12.49, Item Number: 1322060

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40 thoughts on “Costco Acai Bowl, Frozen & Organic by Ittella, 6 Count

    1. That’s a great idea! I’ll have to give that a try. Great way to add protein and some healthy fats!

  1. My daughter bought this from Costco and she blended and gave me a some but we noticed brown powder like rising to the top.
    Wonder what that was not being blended into it. We did not use the topping. We did not eat it.

    1. I’m not suer about the brown powder. I’ll pay closer attention next time but I’ve never had any issues with these bowls. We still very much enjoy them

  2. I can’t find any Tattoo Chef products any where. Anyone else having any luck? Are they having supply chain issues.

    1. I also couldn’t find these for months. It seems Costco has some products that go in and out of stock. Keep looking and one day when you least expect it, it will be on the shelves. I’m not sure about the supply chain issues, but that could be a possibility

          1. Ya. Adding the peanut butter is awesome! We make our own peanut butter and we can’t eat the store bought stuff anymore. It goes great with this bowl

      1. Thanks Kate! I have seen these at my local Costco as of yesterday 4-5-2022. this was in Northern California. Hope that helps

      1. They seem to be back in stock in Northern California. Keep checking wherever you are located and let me know if you find them

    1. You can find these in the frozen section of Costco. They seem to go in and out of stock. I didn’t see them at my local Costco for a few months & then all of a sudden they were in stock and on sale too! These Acai Bowls are awesome so I do hope you find them. You can also grab the item number from this post & check with your local Costco. Good luck

    1. Sounds like Costco for the win! Seems to be a few bucks cheaper at Costco because you get a 6 pack for $12.49. Great to know they also sell it at Sam’s Club. I know a lot of people live closer to Sam’s Club so it’s more convenient. Thanks for letting us know

  3. Costco replaced something healthy and an “all in one” product with something I looked at and said oh no way, not buying it. Those Acai Bowls were perfect, why did they get rid of them…?? The Costco guy today said no one likes the replacement which is make it yourself and buy everything that was in the bowl! Geez, fix it and bring back the bowls please… keep it healthy and simple, bowls all in one!

    1. I’ve seen the acai bowls I think* you’re referring to. It’s the slim packet frozen ones where you have to make it yourself & buy your own granola. We tried those, but we didn’t like them too much & they were kind of annoying to make. The great thing about these is the all-in-one like you mention. I still see both acai products for sale though, so I don’t think they are getting rid of this one anytime soon. Thanks for the comment

    1. Yes. Sambazon makes a frozen acai bowl packet where you just have to add water or milk or whatever else you would like. They are also found in the frozen section of Costco. They are pretty good & we have had them before. If you don’t want to eat the granola, these acai bowls come with the granola separated, so you can just toss it if you don’t want to eat it. Hope that helps

  4. I bought these for my daughter and I tried one. They are so yummy. I actually had one for breakfast and added dry oatmeal to make it more hearty. It was so good.

    1. Glad you like it Shannon. I think it’s a great treat for the kids too! It’s not as bad as an ice cream bar or cookie & it’s organic to boot. It’s sweet enough to curb my sweet tooth after dinner, so that’s where I really enjoy them. Glad you like them & thanks for stopping by

  5. I love these! I have to resist the urge to not eat them every day. what I like to do is just make the bowl as normal, and then mash raspberries into the mix and sprinkle on extra granola. Yum!

    1. I’ve done the same thing Eva! I like to sprinkle extra granola too! I have trouble eating only 1 because they are so tasty & doesn’t really feel like I’m cheating. That’s the tough part with these, you could eat them for breakfast, lunch & dinner. With hot weather coming our way, these will be a hard to resist!

  6. I love these but they have added phosphate which is not organic…not sure how they can still be called organic? I am in kidney failure and have to watch my phosphorus levels. 🙁

    1. I believe they are still allowed to be organic because it is calcium phosphate & magnesium phosphate. It is listed under the vitamin & mineral blend. I’m glad you noticed that since you are watching your phosphorous levels. Stay healthy!

  7. 1st time trying the prepackaged bowls. I followed the instructions as noted on the box. I also added macadamia nuts, Nutella & 2 fresh strawberries. It was delicious. I’ll add bananas as well next serving.

    1. Wow. you really fancied up your acai bowl! That sounds great. I usually add walnuts or slivered almonds to smoothies or acai bowls, but I really like the choice of macadamia nuts…classy! I’m glad you enjoyed it. It wasn’t in stock for such a long time at my Costco, so I’m glad to see it back in stock! Plus I’ve even seen it on sale. Then it’s a steal! Thanks for the comment Yvonne!

  8. I’m obsessed with these! I’ve had to switch to a gluten and dairy free diet and these are amazing! I like to add extra granola to them also

    1. Glad to hear Sydney! They really are great! That’s a great idea to add your own granola. I am a big fan of “more” granola too. The nice thing about Costci is they have the gluten free granola too, so it’s still a 1 stop shop for your acai bowls. Thanks for stopping in!

  9. I concur, these bowls are fantastic!! Not only does the granola stay crunchy, the blueberries stay firm even after heating. I put all of our bowls in the refrigerator (rather than keep frozen) and I don’t even bother heating it, just stir and eat. The fruit never got mushy or runny. HIGH QUALITY. I’ve added extra raw oats to them, too, for a little extra bulk.

    1. That’s a great idea. I might start keeping them in the fridge. Glad you enjoy them too! I made the mistake of not warming it up enough the first time & it was still a little frozen. I was surprised like you at how NOT mushy/runny it was. This is a new staple in our freezer. Takes up a lot of room but that’s ok!

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