Costco Frozen Fruit, Organic Townsend Farms 4 Pounds

Gotta keep 2 bags of Costco frozen fruit in the freezer at all times. Our family uses this organic frozen fruit at least once a day & most times 2. First, I eat it every morning with Bob’s Red Mill Organic Steel Cut Oats. It’s really simple…….cook the oats & pour them over some frozen fruit. Add cinnamon, sugar or whatever you fancy. Second, I use them in almost every protein shake. It’s a great addition to add a little sweetness instead of using sucralose, aspartame, stevia, or any other stuff that’s bad for you.

Costco Frozen Fruit

The 4 pound bag of frozen fruit comes with mango, pineapple, peaches & strawberries. If you want just strawberries click here. It’s an awesome mix at only $9.89 for the bag & they do go on sale every once in a while. That’s only $2.47 a pound for organic fruit that’s been peeled and cut for you. Perfect for the lazy me. It’s also non-gmo & gluten free. It’s made by Townsend Farms & they seem to put out a lot of good fruit varieties.

Price: $9.89, Item: 1194243

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    1. I’m not sure those products are discontinued. If you’re looking for more Indian Food I feel like Costco has been selling more products available in the refrigerated section. Make sure to take a look

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