Costco Big Game Savings 2021, Coupon Book

**Costco February 2021 Coupon Book, 2/3/21 – 2/28/21**

I found the Costco Big Game Savings 2021 the same as the Costco Local Ad January 2021, Organic Coupon Book. They are getting ready for the Super Bowl & they’ve got a great selection of TVs, sounds systems & snacks. There’s a few items in there that I actually need for the household too. If you take a look at page 4, I’ve ben waiting for the CyberPower Surge Protector to go on sale. Now it’s finally on sale. The reason I like this one so much is because it has so many outlets. When hooking up my computer I need 7 – 8 outlets & this works great. Anyways, if you’re preparing for the big game & need a new TV make sure to take a look at this ad. It runs from January 17, 2021 to February 7, 2021. The Super Bowl is on January 7, 2021 so make sure to get it beforehand. Here are a few of my favorite items from this Costco Coupon Book……..

  • LG 65″ Class (64.5″ Diag.) CX Series – 4K UHD OLED TV, Item Number: 9650010. These are the new OLED TVs. I think this is the best price point because 65″ is a large TV but I can’t justify spending almost $1200 more dollars for the 77″ TV.
  • Samsung 82″ Class (81.5″ Diag.) – TU700D Series – 4K UHD LED LCD TV, Item Number: 9982007. If you’re going for LARGE, this is the one for you. $1300 for an 82″ LED TV is a GREAT deal. Just make sure you have a big enough wall to fit this 82″ monster
  • MSI Optix 27″ Class FHD FreeSync Frameless Gaming Monitor, Item Number: 8271000. I’ve been eyeing gaming monitors for a while now. I have a 2 screen setup so I would have to buy 2. This may be my own personal Valentine’s Day purchase =)
  • Cyber Power Surge Protector, Item Number: 2001051. I’ve already got a few of these in the house & they’re great. No issues. I will be getting another 1 or 2 packs of these to have around.

Costco Big Game Savings 2021, Costco Coupon Book

This is another short ad, but it’s specifically tailored for the Super Bowl 2021. January is always a tough month with the credit card bill from the holidays. Since most of us were stuck at home, maybe you didn’t spend as much during the holidays. That means you can afford a brand new 82″ TV =). Talking about that surge protector again, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND the wall tap design that comes with the pack. The USB ports on them are very convenient too. If you can’t find them at Costco or you just want to buy that standalone, make sure to check out the HIGHLY RATED Cyber Power surge protector here………

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