Costco Husqvarna 3100 PSI Gas Pressure Washer

One of these days I’m going to get myself a pressure washer. I’ve always wanted one so I can post on reddit under Power Washing Porn. Trust me, it’s not a dirty site & after looking at some of the photos, you may just want one yourself. I was surprised to see the brand Husqvarna though. Costco usually carries Honda, GreenWorks or Yamaha. Husqvarna has a great reputation with their outdoor power tools, specifically chainsaws & this power washer is probably no different. Here are a few notes on this item……

  • Briggs & Stratton EXi875 190cc gas engine
  • 5 nozzles (0, 15, 25, 40 degrees & soap)
  • 30 foot high pressure hose
  • 2 year limited warranty
  • Ready start technology
  • No priming or choking
  • Regular gas. No mixing oil (See link below for the manual in PDF format)

You can clean your driveways or garage floors, decks, concrete & tile patios, stairs, walkways, fencing, cars, trucks, tools, lawn mowers, boats, trailers & anything that won’t come off with a wipe. Just be careful not to damage anything with the 3100 PSI.

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——-The links below are the for the MANUAL & the PRESSURE WASHING DETERGENT. This unit does not come with a bottle so if you want to use cleaner/detergent, you need to buy it.

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45 thoughts on “Costco Husqvarna 3100 PSI Gas Pressure Washer

  1. There is an o-ring that is behind the hose line hookup nut. By hose line hookup nut I mean the big black nut that connects the garden hose to the unit. Anyway, that o-ring cracked in half and I need to replace it. I also have a cracked wand hose connector o-ring. Where can I find the specs for both o-rings?

  2. I have a husqvarna 3100 Power washer I purchased at Costco a few years ago. I want to change the oil (4 stroke) how much oil should I add?

    1. Check it with the dipstick. There should be a marking on the dipstick that says “full” or “add”. Let me know if that helps

  3. I bought this pressure washer last year, I put it together and tried it, nothing more, today I wanted to make it work and it just doesn’t work, I want to know if I can return it and buy a better one, I am very sad and wishful

    1. You should still be able to return it without issue. was it brand new and did not start? Did you leave gas in it? Has it ever started? I would try to keep troubleshooting it because these are good units. If it’s brand new it should be a fairly simple solution to get it started

  4. Purchased my machine last year but used it for the first time today. Had it going for maybe 40 seconds before the engine burst popped and smoke coming out. A casing around the engine tore open when it exploded. Thankfully Costco gave me a refund but would have preferred this working. Very disappointed!

    1. Sorry to hear Christy! That’s terrible. It seems as though these units are amazing or awful. There seems to be no in-between. You either love it or hate it. Sorry for the bad experience. Are you going to try out any other Costco pressure washers? Glad they were able to take it back

      1. Hello…Mike McKernan here.I purchased this unit from Costco also.(06/05/2020) unit displayed no pressure at end of power hose.was working great on 09/2021 checked all according to manual.called customer service 877-2240458.was told unit still under warranty.took it to ball equipment in Richmond mi.Briggs and Stratton told tec to take the pump apart and take pictures of inside parts and send them to them.Service manager had to step in because of all the run around that was going on between B/S and Ball equ.unit was at Ball Equ.over a month.B/S told Service Manager pump was over heated because parts were melted.Service Manager told them not true..he was really upset with there handling of this,to put it nicely.Out come ….no repair…no power washer…some really ticked of individuals!!.I have a box off pump parts,a rather new motor and frame etc.I talked to B/S myself…very disappointed.please tell me what pump will work with this unit,do not want to buy from BS! I still have the box of pump parts…nothing is melted….

        1. Sorry to hear about that ordeal Mike. Any chance you can just return it to Costco. Doesn’t sound like your the first person to have a bad experience like this. Let me know how it ends up working out

        2. Water has to be running through pump while engine is running and trigger must be engaged at least once ever couple of cool water will flow through if not valve will be damaged

  5. I’ve had my Power washer for over a year with no problems starting or leaking. But this week no water was coming out of the pump. It was stored for a few months and I should have run some cleaner through the system to prevent mineral buildup in the water system as a preventive. Now I’m looking for a new pump unit. They run about $100 and are simple to install. Just thought I would share.

    1. Glad to hear it worked for a year without issue. Sorry to hear about the pump. Please come back & let us know if that was the issue or if you solved it another way. I’m very curious. It’s frustrating to have to spend $100 on a part after only a year, especially if the whole unit only costs between $269 – $349. Anyways, keep us updated please

  6. I purchased this unit last Summer and, generally, it worked well. Unfortunately, I have yet to find success starting it this season. I stupidly left gas and oil in it last year and have since drained it and put in new gas and oil. I replaced the spark plug and sprayed carburetor cleaner with no luck. I’m out of ideas (and possibly skill level)

    1. Hmmmm You don’t seem to be the only one with this issue. It could be a number of things. Have you tried watching any of the troubleshooting videos on YouTube. There are some great ones out there. I have mentioned this before…but I have the Husqvarna Electric Pressure Washer & it’s for this reason. I know it will sit for 6 months sometimes, so I don’t feel like changing out or storing the gas. So far, it has turned on without issue. Let me know if you figure out the issue. Good luck!

  7. Water squirts all over at wand. It is tightened and can’t figure out what is going on.Cant find troubleshooting help anywhere.

    1. Any chance the washer fell out? I have the Husqvarna Electric model & have no issues with leaking. I used it inside a house & there wasn’t a drop from the unit to the end of the hose. If it is leaking that bad it sounds like something may not be seated properly. They also recommend to lubricate the washers. Maybe try taking it out and lubricating it & flipping it over. Let me know if you figure out the issue

      1. We have the same issue. Water leaks all over the wand at the nozzle end. My husband took it to a repair shop to find out if we are missing a step and they did the lubrication. Took it back home and water squirts out all around the nozzle again. We will try flipping it over. We took it apart and reconnected the nozzle to ensure it is seated properly.

        1. Ya. I sounds like it isn’t seated properly. I would think a little ED-40 would help solve that and possibly loosen up some of the bearings. I have the Husqvarna Electric 2000 PSI pressure washer & have had no leaks. I was actually shocked because I used it inside a house and there wasn’t 1 drop from the machine unit to the end of the hose. I would think the hoses would be of similar quality. Let me know if you end up figuring out the issue.

  8. I bought my Husqvarna PW 3100 from Costco in May 2020. It worked great! Fast forward to May 2021–it won’t start. It’s in the on position, it has gas, it has oil, and the water is turned on. What am I doing wrong?

    1. Sorry to hear that. Have you run through all the troubleshooting tips in the manual? Is the switch set to “off”? Is it out of fuel or flooded with fuel? Is the fuel bad? Air filter dirty? or spark plug not connected? I just purchased the Husqvarna Electric Pressure Washer. It’s 2000 PSI & super compact. I’ve used it about 3 times now for 2 hours. No issues & it works great! Easy to maintain too because there is no oil / lube. If the 2000 PSI works for you maybe you can take it back & get the electric model. Let me know if you end up figuring it out

  9. Purchased the husqvarna pw 3100 late last year. Just took it out of the box to use it yesterday. Set it up and attached hose, but no water would go through the machine. Blockage in pump? I could see no issues with the intake. So far no luck in finding a solution on line or a number to call to talk to a person.

    1. Does the machine turn on without issue? Are all the connections tightened? Any chance the O-rings fell out or are not creating a good seal. When I setup my pressure washer the first time I sprayed all the O-rings with WD-40 and made sure all the connections were tight. Do you happen to have the Low Pressure Spray tip installed? Is there a blockage in any of the hoses? Let me know if you end up solving the issue. I am curious

    2. I purchased same unit from Costco 4/6/20 took out of box same problem no water flow through pump. Returned it and got a new one and it worked great. Stored it over winter taking all precautions including lube and freeze protector. 8/1/21 upon hooking water supply to to unit no flow again. have checked all the usual items plus. I’ve only got about 5 total hours of use on the thing. No one so far has a reasonable answer. Don”t want to go to repair shop if I don’t need to. Did you ever find out what the problem is.

      1. Craig never got back to us Bob. I’m not sure what the solution was to his problem. It seems as though several people have had this same issue. I’m bumping this comment so people hopefully chime in with a solution. If you end up figuring it out, please come back and let us know. Best of luck

    3. Water has to be running through pump while engine is running and trigger must be engaged at least once ever couple of cool water will flow through if not valve will be damaged

  10. Just bought a husqvarna pressure washer from Costco put it together , put gas and oil in, connected water, purged , followed all instruction. Doesn’t work. Won’t start , no spark. Taking it back.

    1. That’s the first I heard of the Husqvarna having an issue like that. Did you get another one or just gave up? I just purchased the Husqvarna Electric 2000PSI pressure washe. I have yet to unbox it, but I was specifically looking for electric & compact & this one fits the bill. Hoping it’s a quality tool.

    1. It is regular gas. No mixing oil which gets to be a real pain. Per the manual it is “Clean, fresh, unleaded fuel with a minimum of 87 octane. Gasoline with an ethanol content up to 10% is acceptable.”. I’ll post a link to the manual since it has been taken down from the Costco site

  11. I bought this at my local costco and put it together easy enough. Comes with a siphon hose and detergent bottle holder but no detergent bottle or instructions on how to use the detergent. I cant find anything online on how this is supposed to work and I cant figure it out.

    1. I checked the manual. This pressure washer comes with a siphon hose that attaches directly to pressure washer concentrate. I am not 100% sure but something like this on Amazon would probably work. You buy the concentrate in a bottle & attach the bottle directly to the siphon hose. The bottle obviously needs to be able to fit in the detergent holder. I hope that makes sense. Make sure to read the manual and use the correct spray tips when using the detergent. They apparently don’t mix and match well. Also, this item just went on sale. I’ll post the new price soon. It’s $80 off, so hopefully you can get a credit!

        1. Briggs & Stratton makes pressure washer cleaners for different types of cleaning….concrete & driveway, house & siding, multipurpose cleaner, spot free rinse aid & vehicle cleaner. Here is the link for the 32 oz bottles that should fit nicely in the Husqvarna pressure washer. I don’t know why Husqvarna created a “bottle holder” & did not supply an empty bottle or at least sell a detergent that fits nicely with their product. Seems like a missed oppurtunity for them to make a few extra bucks. Please let me know how it works out for you.

          Link: Briggs & Stratton Pressure Washer Detergent

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