Costco Bodyboard, Morey Body Board, Boogie Board

Costco sells this Morey Bodyboard for $29.99! Scroll down for photos. You know summertime is around the corner when you start to see all the water sport items on the shelves. This was a new product that just hit the floor. I’m not sure whether to call it a bodyboard, body board, or boogie board. No matter what you call it, you can get one for $30 at Costco. Morey is one of the more well known brands when it comes to water sports. They’ve been around for a long time & put out a quality product. These generally retail from $50 – $80 or more, especially if you’re near the beach. This is a great time to grab 1 or 2 and be ready for your summer getaway. Here are a few more details about this Costco Morey Bodyboard…..

  • Brand: Morey Bodyboard, Body Board, Boogie Board
  • Elbow Lever Lock Points
  • Enhanced Crescent Tail
  • Tube Rail System
  • Fusion Plus Core
  • Water Release Channels
  • Color Matched Leash
  • Colors: Red & Blue

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Costco Morey Boogie Board, Body Board

I just recently posted about the Body Glove Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board. I found this bodyboard right next to the paddle board & a few other water items. You’re not going to get a much better deal than this unless it goes on sale at Costco =). I don’t expect these items to be on the shelves for very long, so grab them while you can. You can get a few more details by checking out the photos below. This would also work great as a gift or to replace a worn out board. Grab 2 while you’re at it! If you can’t find this at Costco or want to check out some other HIGHLY RATED board, make sure to check these out(the WAVESTORM comes in a 2-pack which is nice)……..

Price: $29.99, Item Number: 2000524

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10 thoughts on “Costco Bodyboard, Morey Body Board, Boogie Board

      1. Thanks Bret! My Costco had them in stock too & I’m located on the West Coast in CA. Sounds like they are in stock again. Thanks for sharing

    1. I was just at Costco today & saw an entire stack. If you’re Costco carried them before they should be in stock now or soon. This was seen in the Bay Area, CA. Good luck & I hope you find one!

  1. We live in Seattle area….have been to a few Costco stores and theses boards are no where to be found. I was at the Federal Way, WA Costco and was told they aren’t caring them ….. please tell that isn’t so.
    Grandkids will be heart broken

    1. I still see these in stock in the Bay Area, California. I also saw them in Dallas. They seem to be in stock around the country. You could always grab the item number & ask an employee to check for you. It’s a great deal for these Morey Boogie Boards. Let me know if you end up finding them!

  2. Hi could you tell me what Costco this was at? I’ve been searching since last year for these guards! Please! Thank you!!!

    I’m in California

    1. I found this in the Bay Area, California Costco. Specifically the South San Francisco Costco. I’ll be there again this week, so I’ll double check to see if they still have them in stock. I’m guessing these will be popular, because people seem ready to get out of the house this summer. I hope you find them!

      1. I wish they would sell these online too because we also have been looking for them! Thanks for posting this. We look forward to seeing if they sell them in South San Francisco!

        1. Ya. I haven’t seen them online either. I was actually at Costco today & did not see them in stock. That means they sold their floor stock pretty quickly because I saw it about a week ago. Good luck & I hope you find them. I’ll report back if I see them

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