Costco Tennis Racket, Wilson Ultra Comp Racket

Costco sells this Wilson Ultra Comp Tennis Racket for $49.99! Scroll down for photos. The sporting goods sections of Costco has become my favorite. They’ve recently put out a lot of new sports products & I want to buy them all! This is a quality Wilson tennis racket. It’s not the most expensive & it’s not the cheapest. It’s a solid racket at a good price. For those of you looking to get into tennis, or maybe upgrade your racket, this would be a good purchase. I was a casual player in high school & did it more for the good workout. This would have been perfect for me because I wasn’t too serious of a player. I imagine if you’ve been playing for years, this may not fit the bill. I completely understand because that’s how I am with basketball. Anyways, here are a few more details about this Costco Tennis Racket…….

  • Wilson Ultra Comp Tennis Racket
  • Lightweight Power Racket
  • 27 Inch Racket Length
  • Grip Size: 3
  • Full Length Cover Included
  • 103 Square Inch Head Size
  • Protective Bumper Guard
  • Weight: 270 grams or 9.5 ounces

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Costco Wilson Sporting Goods Ultra Comp Tennis Racket

I found this racket next to all the other sporting goods. It was actually near the pile of Costco Tennis Balls that people seem to have trouble finding. I think this would make a great gift or be a great reason to get out of the house. With COVID-19 numbers on the downward trend, this is a good excuse to get back outside. You can pick up the Costco Tennis Balls for $40 & this racket for $50. Under $100 and your ready to play some tennis. I don’t expect this item to stay in stock. It’s being sold on Costco’s website right now for $54.99, so save yourself $5 & get it in store. It’s only got 4 reviews, but they’re all 5 star! If you can’t find this in store, or they’re sold out online, make sure to check out these HIGHLY RATED similar rackets……..

Price: $49.99, Item Number: 1389396

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